Daily Chinese Horoscope of Pig 1st July 2019

Daily Chinese Horoscope of Pig 1st July 2019

Today you will have the heart shared between stability and the need to live new adventures. You will have the greatest difficulty in finding your center of gravity. Your partner or relatives may blame you for this volatile mood. If you are lonely, the stars will give you today a sensitive skin and an intense emotionality. You will dream of living great passions, great romantic adventures. A real movie movie! But be careful, keep your feet on the ground anyway.

Money and Luck
The star Thai Phu will prepare you a well balanced mixture of inspiration and practical sense about your money business. Take the opportunity to make the improvements always welcome in this area.daily chinese horoscope pig 1st july 2019

Your digestive system is working very well right now. But in anticipation of the hearty meals that you will probably take, go on a diet now: you will avoid big liver attacks.

It is especially the star Co Than that will make its impact today. This planet can cause changes in your work: change of schedules, organization, or even post. Do not worry: the evolution in progress will be totally beneficial. So, even if at first you are taken aback, keep confidence.

Your family relationships will cause you some irritation during this day. You will not be inclined to show you in your best light; you will tend to drive yourself authoritatively. Your close entourage will not accept your behavior very well.

You will naturally attract sympathies and create a climate of trust around you. It is a privilege that will have to be appreciated and that it will be necessary to make the best of it. Do not repel those who will come to tell you their woes: you will feel great satisfaction in helping them, if only by giving them an attentive ear.

Pig lucky numbers today are 8, 9, 10