Daily Chinese Horoscope of Rooster 1st July 2019

Daily Chinese Horoscope of Rooster 1st July 2019

The atmosphere in the couple will not be very simple. In fact, the barometer seems totally dependent on your mood swings. What if you talked to your partner about anything other than your job or horse racing? Let yourself go to relax, and you will be more pampered than you think. Single, live a passion or even a crazy adventure? To tell the truth, do not count too much on it. The climate in the area of meetings may be quite cool, not to say gloomy. But everything remains possible!

Money and Luck
You will think for a long time before opting for this or that mode of placement. But before the end of the day, you’ll be able to embark on a large-scale financial transaction, investing a lot of money. The astral climate will support you.daily chinese horoscope rooster 1st july 2019

When the star Phong Cao influences a sector related to health, better be wary of him! Especially at this moment. First point to watch out for: your teeth. Beware also small accidents related to sports or DIY: sprain, cut; nothing serious, but still enough to bother you for a while. So, be careful!

Under the influence of the star Triet, you will be strongly inclined to dilettantism, or even to amateurism. This behavior, which is not usual, may pose some serious problems for you, because when you let yourself live lazily, late work will accumulate.

Family problems could disturb you. You will have trouble talking to your children. By reaction, you will lock yourself in a disapproving silence. Unfortunately, this will not be the right solution! Open rather.

Your call for help will be heard favorably by a friend who will not hesitate to run the risk of getting wet to get you out of trouble. Whatever one may think, the beautiful friendship exists in this world.

Rooster lucky numbers today are 5, 7, 8