Daily Chinese Horoscope of Snake 1st July 2019

Daily Chinese Horoscope of Snake 1st July 2019

In your life as a couple, you will be very enterprising that day, under the spur of the star Thien Tru. All initiatives will come from you. You will be happy, and your spouse or partner will not be dissatisfied either. Single, happiness will finally smile! This will be all the more pleasant to you as the star Thien Luong has recently placed you in a rather gloomy love climate. The favorable Thien Dong planet could quickly make you a nice meeting gift.

Money and Luck
With the influence of the planet Hoa Cai in your Sky, you could benefit from the generosity of a member of your family. It would help you to realize a major project sooner than expected. However, a negative aspect of the Hoa Cai planet may provoke some lively discussions about it.daily chinese horoscope snake 1st july 2019

In spite of all the harm that has been said about meat, you still need to give great importance to the animal protein your body needs to perform the tasks that you impose on it. However, you are not obliged to consume beef or lamb, which is quite expensive; veal and poultry bring you as much protein but less fat.

The astral influences will be beneficial to the profession. The star Kinh Duong, in particular, will be positive to ensure additional training, ultimately to achieve new ambitions and ensure significant progress. It will be of benefit to those who will bother to listen to the elderly or experienced who can advise them usefully.

You attach importance to your loved ones, and you will prove it once more this time. You will care about the well-being of your parents and will follow closely the evolution of your children. You will not have much trouble to make you: everyone will be fine, and your tenderness will suffice to alleviate the small difficulties of each other.

You must be wary of your mood swings, which will produce adverse effects on your surroundings and prevent you from living in good understanding with its members. Do not bother, and recognize your mistakes when necessary; it will relax the atmosphere. Avoid too much contradiction, as this can create unnecessary misunderstandings.

Snake lucky numbers today are 3, 4, 7