Daily Horoscope Today 15th October 2019

The horoscope of Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Today, a useful discussion of the past or its review could be at the center of the debate. The conjunction of Mercury with Venus can bring light and detached sensation to your interactions. You can communicate and negotiate more easily, expressing how you feel.

The Moon in Capricorn supports this alignment through sextiles with Mercury and Venus. Although we are emotionally prepared to take care of our business, we are not mentally disciplined because we prefer to chat with others and think about things that are more enjoyable than working.

There may be a tendency to talk and analyze past relationships or problems in our relationships. A new light can be brought on an old problem. The Moon in Capricorn is practical and resourceful.

Aries Daily Horoscope for Today

It is possible that a project will be paralyzed in this second half of the month, so it will be convenient for Aries to start looking for new opportunities that allow him to foster his creativity and explore different fields that give Aries new professional expectations that will generate significant job growth.

The Sun puts the 3rd decan in the spotlight: everything will be fine if you make the effort to listen to each other and if you do not impose your wishes without discussing it. You often tend to think that others want the same thing as you or that they do not have to discuss what you decide, but that can backfire in the long run because your partner feels denied. Do not go it alone this week, it’s not really the moment!

Aries, the day looks more crowded than usual. There can be a lot of things to do and a lot of discussions! A conversation is likely to take place with an interest in love or a partner, but know that it can quickly switch into the conversation habits of the past, to the point that nothing will be really resolved. Aries Love, Luck Money

Or, a conversation with a love of your past could be triggered. Anyway, feelings are a big theme today and are very focused on the past. Even if things look round, it’s a necessary process to inform your position and what you will do in the future.

Surprising new ideas about intimate issues can come up as you examine the past and deal with what it means for you now while imagining what you would like to change for the future. You will be able to play detective and maybe find clues that will give you a new perspective on an old problem. Mental detachment can help objectivity, but consider that your heart may not be ready for where you are going mentally.

Taurus Daily Horoscope for Today

Venus and Mercury are opposed to you these days, the opportunity for you to accept an appointment with someone you like. Give him a chance! Whether it’s the good or the good is something you do not control, what you master is your attitude, positive or negative depending on your state of mind. 2nd decan, a dynamic aspect of Mars seems to impose a lot of work and constraints during this week (Wednesday, Thursday especially).

In this autumn time, Taurus will enjoy a lot of something new that will allow him to activate his creativity, essential in these crucial moments at work to modify what does not convince him, this will lead to great movements during the month of October for Taurus to take the appropriate steps in his career.

Taurus, if love is at the center of your concerns today, try to avoid the trap of communication and relationship in patterns that no longer serve you well. Staying too steeped in old ways of dealing with problems can now be a problem. Look for improved methods of connection to learn and revise rather than dwell on. Taurus Love, Luck Money

Opening your mind to another person’s point of view can help you expand your own vision and you may be able to look back on a situation with a lot of tenderness and a new look. If the ball seems to be in the opposite camp, know that it is not about control or power, but sharing.

Negotiations can now be at the forefront and the time has come to be as fair as possible. Reconnecting with people from your past can be a powerful attraction for some of you.

Gemini Daily Horoscope for Today

A news will put Gemini on the track of a project of great professional interest from which he could get good contacts and many opportunities that Gemini will assume with optimism and motivation, so October will be a very ambitious month in which he will get down to work and start the procedures necessary to move towards those expectations that seemed unattainable.

You will have the rating this week, a native of the 2nd decan, your ideas will be appreciated and it must be said that you will know how to defend them with a lot of conviction, bravo! Be careful, you could trigger controversy but that’s probably what you’re looking for because you do not hate it. 3rd decan, you will enjoy the last rays of the Sun in Libra before entering Scorpio next week. Accept the invitations, go out, see the world.

Gemini is a day where you want to communicate, as Mercury aligns with  Venus. You may be able to see where you are, but know that underlying issues can complicate what appears to be positive communications. Gemini Love, Luck Money

Someone is very interested in you and your personality shines, even if you feel a little detached or undecided. Regardless, there may be a little attention directed towards you. In addition, today you will learn something surprising but useful about the work you do or the people you work with.

Old problems or even people can come back to life right now. You have a unique idea of the reality of your projects, especially those related to health, work and current affairs.

Cancer Daily Horoscope for Today

At work, you will have the option to correct something that you had not done quite well, with this Cancer will finish in the second half of October an important project that will make you feel satisfied with your work performance, which will motivate you to create new professional opportunities that bring productivity and creativity to Cancer.

Born at the end of June, beginning of July, the economic situation accentuates your desire to charm those you meet, both in your work and in your personal life. Your power of seduction should be at its maximum and you will not have much effort to do if someone attracts you. Moreover, the attraction seems to be reciprocal. 3rd decan, family affairs or a question about the house may be of concern this week, but nothing very boring.

Cancer, today’s conversations will tend to revolve around love, past, and emotions, and you may be busy making sense of something. With Venus, the past will certainly be an important subject now, and it can be an illuminating time. Cancer Love, Luck Money

However, you may want to avoid getting lost in past behavior when interacting with familiar people. If it did not work in the past, it certainly will not work now! You are well understood right now, even if you are a little distant and withdrawn. Even if your love life can be tricky until at least next month, you draw interesting conclusions from the discussions and reflections.

Personal fulfillment is an important issue with Venus. It’s a good time to re-evaluate particular areas of your life, mostly related to creativity, hobbies, romance, and friendship.

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today

The conjunction of the stars will affect Leo today, this will cause a general delay that will make him spend a day without motivation and more tense than normal, which could affect Leo’s performance at work or professional relationships, Ideally, keep calm to find the best and most effective solution.

2nd decan, born between August 4 and 10, a report of strength will mark this week. You will run into someone who will be as strong as you, and that is the problem because you will have to compromise. Do not go to the fight, it would be useless and there would be a big clash between Tuesday and Thursday. A priori, this will happen with a family member or someone from your professional clan who will refuse you something.

Leo, conversations will turn pretty easily to the past or to the areas of emotional discontent today. Love can be a delicate subject today, but the intentions will be good. You intend to acquire new ideas and become aware of something that will help you understand and work better. Much of the focus will be on unresolved relationships or comfort issues.

You tackle old problems from a new angle as new information comes to you or when strong memories inspire you to meditate on the past. Leo Love, Luck Money

You will be more willing to analyze things, but it is important to note that your mind can work much faster than your heart and you may not be quite ready for what interests you. This is a good time, however, to analyze if your current living conditions are serving you well.

Virgo Daily Horoscope for Today

In the second half of October Virgo will have to adapt to a change in the work environment that will make you alert, observing new work methods that you must incorporate into your obligations, even if they are not liked by Virgo, it will be convenient to maintain a good attitude to avoid tensions and generate more opportunities for progress in your career.

Take your contacts and appointments early, this start of the week is favorable to you in terms of trade if you were born in late August and early September too. If it is a professional meeting, you will have prepared it so well that nothing will go awry and, in theory, you will get what you came for. But it can also be a question of seeing one of your loved ones whom you had dropped a little (a brother, a sister, a cousin, etc.).

Virgo, the tendency is to do a lot of analysis and solve problems today, and this is particularly the case on feelings and affections. You can make sense of old relationships.

Or, you can relaunch old projects and receive news that opens up a new perspective on a past subject. Some of you may be attracted to a project or previous studies with renewed interest or discover that a program of study or an ongoing business no longer satisfies you. Virgo Love, Luck Money

Conversations can relate to the degree of satisfaction, love or complicated social situations. You are magnetic and charming in your communications. You could learn something new that gives you a little more clarity on a topic that has disturbed you, even haunted you. This is an excellent time to redesign or revise, although it may be best not to finalize things yet.

Libra Daily Horoscope for Today

For the second cycle of 2019, new professional commitments are coming for Libra and that will imply reorganizing the October agenda, in order to be able to focus on the new proposals without losing sight of those pending issues that will propitiate other significant opportunities for Libra’s stability at the economic level and work.

Happy birthday in the 3rd decan, a much calmer and sometimes prosperous year for some, have confidence in yourself and we will trust you. Everything will be played out in the next few months in terms of the trust, so start working on it now. In addition, thanks to Jupiter in Sagittarius very soon, you will be able to develop your business, make yourself known by advertising or even talk about yourself or your business. Word of mouth will work well too.

Libra, this may be a particularly talkative day for you, because your planet, Venus, aligns with Mercury. Your advice may be solicited, and you seem particularly open. However, others do not seem to want to deal with you deeply.

You have a hesitation to dig too deep or to talk about things that really matter, because of the demotion of Venus. Personal finance or personal property and property issues can become a hot topic. It’s time to review, not make important decisions about your assets, but do not throw away the things that catch your attention. Libra Love, Luck Money

Although they require further reflection or adjustments, this is a critical time for analysis and review. Backtracking may involve looking back at past issues that have recently been unearthed, particularly around romantic relationships and money. You could have a second chance, consult a project, purchase or association, or possibly find a lost item.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Today

The feeling of finishing a project in which Scorpio has been 100% involved will be very intense in this second half of the month, but you must assume it and face it with optimism since Scorpio will have evolved on a professional level and will be prepared to challenge new challenges that motivate you at work.

At home, Venus and Mercury meet and create good conditions for a professional or romantic reunion. 1st and 2nd decan. With Venus, you will certainly tend to stay a little on the reserve, to know if you can trust or not. It will take time since Venus will return to the same positions as this week in December. But do not invest yourself.

Scorpio, people are especially interested in you and could talk a lot about you now, with Mercury and Venus lined up on your sign today. Today’s conversations will tend to turn to you or revolve around you. Scorpio Love, Luck Money

Although you are a little more open to expressing yourself, another person may hold back something or hesitate. Alternatively, conversations or meetings may revolve around unresolved issues, and you may have sharp reminders of the past.

New information about an old problem can now appear clearly. While this is a great time to rethink and re-evaluate your personal plans and projects, this is not the time to make the final decisions. It’s a better time to have fun with people and keep the plans open because the story unfolds a lot of surprises!

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Today

This week will be a very quiet time at work, so Sagittarius will take the opportunity to look for new challenges that allow him to focus on his most ambitious expectations since the month promises to end more tense than normal.

The star of the week is the 2nd decan, thanks to good energy influx of Mars. You will be very enterprising, but sometimes a little too talkative. Be careful not to monopolize conversations and not talk too fast, you may be prying or saying things you need to keep for yourself. 3rd decan, your professional alliances, and your friendships will be at the forefront in the coming days.

Sagittarius, now that Mercury and Venus are lining up, more information could surface about a private issue that will help you make better decisions for the future. For the moment, treat and digest things rather than finalize them since Venus. Sagittarius Love, Luck Money

Nevertheless, this day of reflection and analysis can be loaded. The past will illuminate significantly for you now, and the focus is on love and past relationship patterns. While discoveries may relate to conditions or levels of satisfaction, your ability to detach yourself a bit from the emotions is what will benefit you the most for the moment.

Keep in mind that your mind is moving much faster than your heart, so you may want to avoid talking about certain topics. You might be willing to talk about personal matters, even if you tend to leave out some deeper things.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope for Today

The obligations and responsibilities of the work could produce a certain mental block to Capricorn, this will not be convenient in this second half of October since it is at an essential moment to generate changes in his career, so Capricorn must focus his creativity on certain proposals to progress.

You will enjoy the meeting Venus-Mercury, especially today because you will have a nice new native of late December, or a check mail: a sum that you do not expect to receive so quickly. An appointment under the sign of friendship can also be on the program, again if you are at the end of December. 3rd decan, your agenda is well filled this week, you will have many responsibilities to manage.

Capricorn, you could learn something about someone from your past or get in touch with that person. A conversation with a friend can quickly turn to the past. Capricorn Love, Luck Money

You are more likely to live in the moment than to dig deeper, and this can be very helpful. Watch for the conversations that precede you, for your heart may not be ready to speak or to know anything that stirs the curiosity of your mind! This is due to the alignment of Mercury on Venus that may arouse the desire to make sense of certain feelings or relationships.

Choose a new way to express yourself and interact with others in order to revise things rather than rehash. It’s a good time to determine whether your social life or your projects are giving you enough pleasure.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope for Today

Although it will be involved with new projects, budget, and closing of the cycle, it will be convenient for Aquarius to show more empathy with some co-workers especially with those who ask him for any favor or advice, otherwise this month Aquarius could see himself with no support at complicated times.

Mars transits your 2nd decan. Born between the 1st and the 6th of February, your impatience will reach new heights this week, your tendency to be angry too. Nothing will agitate you, you will be irritated and it is the others who will pay for it because you will not always be pleasant to live. Take your time, do not get upset if we make you wait, take advantage of it to do something else, but annoying and bitching will not help much.

Aquarius, today you will probably get new information on an old case and, even though the chart may not be complete yet, you are getting closer to it. AquariusLove, Luck Money

This month is a critical moment for the reassessment of your projects and your goals. You now have an exclusive window on the past that will help you make better decisions for the future. With Venus until mid-November, you may be able to deal with temporary issues related to career plans, family problems, and relationships, or you may be able to go back to old projects and solve them.

As you think a lot about your career and the path it takes, today you have to look back and analyze. Keep things open, however, because there is more to the story unfolding!

Pisces Daily Horoscope for October 15, 2019

Pisces will receive in the second half of October certain information in the work that will put you on alert about some changes that will affect you and there will be proposals whose possibility of expanding abroad are high, although it will be advisable that Pisces see everything with perspective to ideal new strategies and achieve their professional goals.

A week conducive to your loves 1st decan, but if you are from 2nd March is misplaced and indicates that you have a worry of money to settle as soon as possible. Born between March 3 and 8, you are not spoiled because you could also have a small health concern, very temporary: a pain somewhere and who has trouble giving in, or a small virus (cold, etc.) not to neglect. 3rd decan, it is not impossible that you fill your boxes until November 8th.

Pisces, a new perspective can see you redefine some of your beliefs, ideals, goals, and dreams. You can see what approaches or expectations you had in the past that led you on the wrong track. Through conversations or reflections, you can get a meaningful insight into the mysteries of your personal story. Pisces Love, Luck Money

You may live in the spirit and temporarily forget the emotional side of things when your communications are moving away from you. Sharing knowledge with someone can be particularly rewarding, but it is important to maintain a light conversation or take more time to deal with your emotions before making a larger decision.

With Venus, your feelings and your level of satisfaction are probably not at the rendezvous. So, even if your assessments are valid now, things need to evolve further before they can truly understand them.

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