Daily Horoscope Today 31st October 2019

Horoscope of the day of October 31, 2019, for each sign of the zodiac

Today, the moon spends the day under the sign of Leo, which encourages us to share, create and play.

The last lunar quarter and when the Sun in Scorpio will form a square with the Leo indicates a crisis of consciousness. After becoming aware of the full light of the moon during last week’s Full Moon, we are dispersing our knowledge and coming to a point where we need to determine what works for us – and what does not work – in preparation for the New Moon next week, when something new is born again.

This is not the best time to launch a major project, as the decreasing light of the Moon symbolizes descent into unconsciousness. It’s time to start finishing the details of what was conceived during the last New Moon.daily horoscope today 31st october 2019

In the day, Venus retrograde opposes and Mercury forms a quincunx to Uranus, and we can feel a little off and sensitive to restrictions. And problems that appeared around September 10 and 11 could come back.

Mercury and Venus change signs today: Mercury moves in Sagittarius and Venus retrograde in Libra. Mercury will transit Sagittarius longer than usual because of its next retrograde period (Mercury will be retrograde from November 16 to December 6).

Mercury in Sagittarius is curious, inquiring and courageous with his thoughts and ideas. Our thought will be optimistic and our faith will increase. However, we are not always very precise or thorough during this cycle.

Although these transitions suggest that this is not an ideal day for making important decisions, we are moving towards a trine aspect of Jupiter-Chiron that helps to complete things.

Aries, Retrograde Venus is back in your relationship sector today. While Venus will stay in this area until December 2, she will only be retrograde until November 16. You can focus on whether or not you receive satisfaction and harmony with a partner or close relationship until the 16th. Aries Luck Today

You may also feel a sense of emotional distancing or uncertainty during this time, after which you will begin to gather all the elements and feel more confident to make changes. It’s a good time to devote some energy to refining a project, especially to make something more beautiful!

Also today, Mercury travels in your spiritual area and is in harmony with your sign. This will give a good boost to your communications. You will put recent ideas and events in perspective rather than in compartments through this influence. This is a good time for the big ideas coming from a reflection, but not necessarily strong for their concrete implementation.

Taurus, retrograde Venus returns to your area of work and health. Over the next few weeks, you may feel more deeply in areas of imbalance or dissatisfaction in your work or your daily environment. Taurus Luck Today

Take care, because what you are currently doing is necessary and may improve your living conditions in the long run. Venus moves in retrograde movement until November 16 but then continues to cross this sector until December 2. This suggests that you will have many opportunities to harmonize your daily life, perhaps by trial and error.

This is a good time to refine a work in progress. In addition, today, Mercury is entering your private sector and in the next few weeks, you will get all kinds of information and signals that you usually miss. You may read between the lines most often.

Gemini, from today until December 2, you can focus on harmony in your romantic life or on connecting your creative muse as Venus joins your creative sector.

You may not feel that things are moving forward until December, but it’s a good time to look at your creative and romantic life, as well as your hobbies and pleasures, from a different point of view or perspective. Venus will end her demotion on November 16th, after which things will seem to be settled. Gemini Luck Today

Also today, Mercury, your leader and the world of communication, is starting a transit in your area of the partnership and, over the next few weeks, you will especially like to exchange ideas with others, as this can help you boost your own reasoning. You are looking for others and they are looking for you! You will have a lot to learn in one-on-one conversations.

Cancer, today and until December 2, you will probably seek to bring harmony, balance, and peace to your family life and the dynamics of your family, while Venus retrograde is in your family and residential sector. This can have its problems, the least of which is not to let old problems surface again. Cancer Luck Today

However, you will approach these questions from a new angle and will be able to apply your new vision after the direct passage of Venus on November 16th in a rewarding and progressive way. Today, too, Mercury is entering your field of work and health, where it can help you, with your help of course!

In the coming weeks, you are well placed to reorganize yourself and take care of the details of your daily life. Find practical ways to improve your health and habits, but be sure to balance your work with rest because you tend to think too much and worry.

Leo, today and until December 2, you could be focused enough to bring more harmony in your communications, daily life and friendships. Retrograde Venus returns to your third solar home today. Leo Luck Today

You might especially like to make others feel appreciated with your special attention, and you can focus on understanding issues from the past until November 16th, mostly related to your relationships. It can also be an opportunity to go back to old conversations, projects or studies.

Once Venus has moved indirect (or “normal”) motion after the 16th, you will have the opportunity to tackle problems in new and, hopefully, improved ways. Also today, Mercury begins a complimentary transit in your creative sector and, in the weeks to come, you will be able to find new interests and passions or to renew those which exist!

Virgo, with Venus returning to your area of resources, you will probably have to focus on balancing your checkbook, maintaining your valuables, beautifying your home (or yourself!) And your home. personal comfort in the coming weeks (until December). Virgo Luck Today

While Venus is retrograde in this area of your solar chart until November 16, you can review elements and look at them from a different angle, sometimes even very critical. This can be a good time to find lost items, money or weaknesses in a budget, although for some of you a delayed payment can be processed now. If you are dissatisfied with your income or your business, you will feel it more strongly now.

Once Venus becomes direct – starting November 16 – you may be prompted to make changes based on your reassessments. In addition, today, Mercury goes to your home and your family, and in the weeks to come, your family or personal life will probably be very busy. You will be better able to discuss personal things in a rational and objective way, making it a great time to talk openly with your loved ones.

Libra, Venus Retrograde will continue to transit Libra until December 2. Until November 16, Venus remains retrograde, which gives you the opportunity to look inside yourself, your personal goals and your image. Libra Luck Today

You can now worry a bit more about your personal belongings and it’s a good time to review what worked for you and what may have worked against you. Take notes! It’s a really powerful moment to gain perspective.

It is important to keep the major changes until the end of the 16th, but you will have the opportunity to make these assessments. In addition, Mercury is moving into your communications business today, where it will provide you with several benefits in the coming weeks. It’s a great cycle to find new ideas.

Scorpio, Venus comes out of your sign today, but does not progress! In fact, Venus returns in the sign behind yours in a retrograde movement. Although this retrograde period only lasts until November 16, Venus will continue to transit your area of privacy until December 2. A focus on the past is likely now! Scorpio Luck Today

People from your past could come back in your life, physically or in your mind. You feel a stronger need or desire to solve problems. However, be careful not to attach too much to something you do not quite understand.

Also today, Mercury enters the sector of your resources (Mercury advances before your sign and Venus moves behind him). In the coming weeks, you could use more practicality and objectivity in your approach to spending, saving, and profitability.

Sagittarius, today, Mercury is appearing in your sign and, in the coming weeks, you will have more strength in your communications. You have been quite discreet recently, and although this trend is still a little bit longer, you could be more communicative and “present” with others with this new Mercury move. Sagittarius Luck Today

It’s a great time to use the power of words to promote your interests and attract what you need and want in your life. Career opportunities may also arise. Venus also changes signs today. Until December 2, Venus will intensify your area of friendship, your hopes, and your wishes.

Since Venus is retrograde in this area until November 16, past relationships can be given renewed attention and a new perspective can emerge about old problems, connections, and friendships. In addition, you may be able to re-evaluate a project or a report in terms of your satisfaction with it. After the 16th, you may work more actively or externally towards harmony and balance with your friends.

Capricorn, Venus is retiring in your career sector in retrograde motion today. Until December 2, your interest in harmonizing with bosses, parents, elders or more experienced people will interest you more. Capricorn Luck Today

You are also considering ways to improve your reputation or your relationship with your career and responsibilities. You may not feel particularly supported before November 16, but you will gain valuable insight into your work relationships, your reputation, and the satisfaction you feel about your current work plans or long-term goals.

Also today, Mercury moves in the area of your graph that governs the ends and all that is hidden, undercover and deep. In the coming weeks, there may be a lot of discussion or thoughts about the past. It’s a good cycle to learn to find peace and calm your mind.

Aquarius, Venus Retrograde moves today in your adventure sector, after a relatively long visit in your career area. It may mean revising (or returning to) an unfinished topic or an earlier condition related to travel, education, or special interests. Aquarius Luck Today

You may feel a little stuck in the past or in limbo during the retrograde period that will last until November 16, after which you will have two weeks of Venus in direct motion (“normal”) in this area to resolve problems and take positive action based on your findings.

It’s a wonderful time to connect with people who broaden your perspective. Even today, Mercury harmonizes with your sign and enters your sector of hopes and dreams. In the coming weeks, your mind will be more inventive and open, and you will also be fully focused on your happiness goals or your social life. The sharing of your thoughts will arouse great interest. Your contribution and your conversations will now be well received.

Pisces, retrograde Venus returns to your eighth solar house today. While it will remain retrograde until November 16, Venus will stay in this area of your chart until December 2. Until the 16th, you may be reviewing your financial arrangements or obligations. Pisces Luck Today

You may be considering your privacy or addictions from a different angle and reassessing yourself if you are satisfied with how you approached these questions or your return on investment! This review can give you valuable clues to make changes, which are ideally made after the retrograde period.

Even today, Mercury is at the top of your solar array and will spend a lot of time animating your career and your business, especially on a mental level. Your job may very well require more communication, ideas or partnership.

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