Daily Horoscope Today 4th December 2021

Daily Horoscope Today 4th December 2021

Check the horoscope prediction for today, December 4th, 2021, for your zodiac sign on health, love, and money.

Aries Horoscope

The day will not be pleasant, you will argue with your partner. To make a profit you must take risks. Peace of mind in the professional aspect. Beware of headaches, avoid arguments. Although you are not spending too much Aries, you will have to watch your money even more. You should not leave any pending commitments, be careful now. At work you should expose your concerns to your boss, it will work for you. Don’t let your guard down, there are people you can’t trust very much. In love, your relationship is going through a pretty good time, enjoy it.

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Your partner wants to control you and that can cause problems for you, talk about it. With dialogue and a left hand, you will be able to solve family quarrels. Try to sleep a little more every day, you will see how your body notices it. You will be very active, you will forget old habits and you will change things. You will not have a free minute, be patient, then you will enjoy the results. You tend to hit yourself, be more careful with your movements, do not go foolish and crazy.

Health: Take refuge in an older woman if you need some kind of advice to avoid making mistakes. The problems to which you did not see a solution, end. Check the medicine cabinet you have at home and get rid of medicines that have expired or are in poor condition (for example, if they have been open for a long time). By the way, take to the pharmacy (or to an NGO) those that you do not use, because it can be useful to people without resources. There is no major problem with your health. If you have had any ailment, it will disappear almost without you noticing.

Love: A subtle inner laziness drives you to meander down the paths of fantasy. You will be browsing without setbacks. Fear knocks on your door in the run-up to the weekend. It makes you anxious to think that the beautiful moments you are experiencing now are unique and unrepeatable, and you step on the gas pedal to do many beautiful things because you fear that there will be no better occasions in the future.

Stay relaxed, Aries: there is no objective test around you that invites you to think that your marital harmony could be broken. It’s an idea that someone toxic has put into your head, just that.

Money: Do not despair if you see that your savings decrease, because the economic ups and downs are temporary. Have a good day professionally. Thanks to Jupiter’s support, you will manage to free yourself from a situation that was beginning to seriously hamper your progress. Your daily work will give you a lot of satisfaction.

This aspect of Pluto will not be excellent financially, as it may involve unforeseen expenses or a threat to current income. However, today you will have the opportunity to make significant gains, especially if you are in business or if you work in an association.

Family and Friends: Today you will strive to maintain an iron discipline in your home. Indulgence and tolerance will no longer mean much to you. Consequences: the dialogue with your family circle will not be easy!

Work: Every day you remember how much it costs to earn money, how you have to break a sweat so that your mattress has a good fund for emergencies. This Friday you will have to fight hard, and giving up will not be an option. In parallel, start thinking about your well-being, and how much you deserve a good rest. If you spend some of your savings on your fun you don’t have to feel guilty (as long as you don’t waste, of course).
horoscope for today 4th december 2021

Taurus Horoscope

Especially reticent in love. Control the amount you spend on bets and lotteries. You will meet new people in your work environment. Small discomfort with gases. You don’t have a good day at work today, Taurus, but tomorrow it will start to get better. Propose some changes or ideas, they will surely accept them. You will not deprive yourself of anything in terms of expenses, but you must begin to be prudent. Try to avoid fighting useless battles that do not benefit you at all. Try to be more tolerant of the people around you, don’t look for problems.

You are too aware of what others think, try to relax. Personally, everything will depend on how you are, on the attitude you have. On the sentimental level, you will have to make an important or difficult decision. Your physical condition is very good and you will transmit energy to others, enjoy it. Go out and have fun when you can, it will be good for you, you need to get out of the routine. Do not get carried away by the bad temper and relax, then you will appreciate it very much. Being strict and disciplined is good, but don’t overdo it or your colleagues will end up not wanting to share work with you.

Health: You will have aggressive confrontations in the family. Knowing how to understand other people’s points of view will be the best remedy. Your health will be fine during this Friday in December, and you will be surprised to see how a pain that has been bothering you for a few days in the neck or back area subsides.

Your appetite will be quite mild, take the opportunity to do a detox diet as much as possible. Bet on grilled or boiled meats and fish, and broad-leaf vegetables as a garnish.

Love: Flee from self-deception. Facing reality with courage is a wiser position than thinking that everything will work itself out. Look for plans for this Friday; do not stay locked in your bedroom alone, because many beautiful things are waiting for you. Take control of your own life, do not remain watching how everything happens around you.

Pick up your phone until someone joins your adventures because the stars predict guaranteed fun. As a single, Taurus can do a bit of magic to make a friend become something more special (albeit sporadically).

Money: Your profession gives you greater executive capacity for the performance of a new position that will involve a lot of responsibility. The areas of your career theme will not be influenced by any planet, indicating that not much will happen in your job. Daily life in your workplace will be easy. Be careful, however, not to lend a flank to criticism by giving in to mood swings.

Do not disdain the small profits that will come within your reach today. Whoever does not bend down to pick up a pin is not worthy of finding a book. Learn about saving habits.

Family and Friends: Positive transformations in your family environment will help improve the well-being of your entire household. Everyone in your house will be happy to be together.

Work: You are bored by changes in your work; You feel that you have not finished getting used to a way of working that is already asking you to do things differently. But you have no choice but to hold on and do what your superiors tell you.

Do not get too overwhelmed with money, and do not worry about thinking about Christmas gifts and the state that your accounts are going to be in. Enjoy these endearing parties, which are made to enjoy with family and friends.

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini is sensitive and eager to give and receive affection. Spend less money at home and enjoy it on a trip. Great prudence to avoid discussions at work. Physical discomfort in the form of migraines. The good concept they would have of you would be because, even though you don’t make things obvious, it would be inevitable to make people on your side.

Therefore, you would have the opportunity to demonstrate that it is not necessary to do much to realize that others would notice what you do. The transit of the signs from Cancer to Leo would make these actions happen.

Love: You would take care of your partner or whoever you want, on a day where you have to be more empathetic than normal. That some things that suddenly make you nervous would move away from you to give it the attention it needs. It is an important moment, full of strength, choose to be the strong one in the relationship for today, the Moon would give you the guideline for it.

Health: There are suddenly certain ailments or symptoms that arise from fatigue or emotional exhaustion, therefore, you would have to take some supplements or go to someone who guides you correctly to avoid vicissitudes.

Money and Luck: It is time for your money to help not only you but a person who might need your help. You would positively do things so that you can extend that energy. With the number two in rulership, you would get a sense of fulfillment for doing such an act of kindness.

Cancer Horoscope

In love, don’t worry and something will come up. Read specialized newspapers to decide where to invest. You have to be more aware of work and business. Do not overindulge either with food or with sports. With singular joy, you would receive good news from people who love and esteem you as you would not have thought. Therefore, it would be very important, that you value every second and moment, that you have some type of contact or communication with them. In these times, it would be one of the closest engines to making you feel happy. The Moon would fill those emotions.

You would have unlimited opportunities, which would make no one stand in your way of success. It means that with wide possibilities, you found an unexpected streak of good energy in some of the people who accompany you. The trine between the Sun and Mars would make you happy for how good the day would be.

Love: It would depend on you, that you have the opportunity to start a relationship in which you would learn a lot. You would let everything that at the time be accommodated, so that you do not have to worry at a certain moment, about the issue of a couple that suddenly turns you on your head.

Health: You would have healthy alternatives on hand, which are very good for your well-being, for example, you would find how to get by, from pain or mild symptoms of pain or unexpected symptoms. It is better that you have at your disposal the help of a person who will advise you so that you are in well-being.

Money and Luck: Your money is about to flow, it means that today, with the number two in the regency, it would make those plans that were left in the pipeline, now have the opportunity to leave without blockages.

Leo Horoscope

Family relationships will tend to stabilize. New opportunities to achieve financial goals. Your creativity will make your work much easier. Keeping your health healthy is up to you. You may begin a new stage of recovery in many ways. Do not suddenly assume things that have no reason to be, for that reason you would see a way to feel grateful, it could have been worse. Mainly with the recent crisis that would put everything at odds. For this, the Moon would have the energy, to make you change to positive to have a better day.

Use all your available resources, to get the best of you. You would avoid many problems if you foresee some problem that was looming for a long time. For this, your concept of improvement would become more useful than ever, it means that you would make a difference from past problems, changing your attitude favorably. For this, you have the transit of the signs from Cancer to Leo, which would make you feel more relaxed.

Mercury is directly in Sagittarius, attracting important movements, with the simple fact of thinking about ending a relationship that would not even have a headless foot. Do not be afraid of being the one to decide that matter, remember that your free will is fundamental and you would be the first person to carry it out.

You could suddenly give up, thinking that there would be nothing better to do to feel that everything has an improvement. Even though, fatalistically, you would have kept that concept. Don’t be surprised if someone who appreciates you helps you change that mindset.

Money and Luck
Number two is in force and with it, the opportunity to have at hand a plan that you would have kept up your sleeve, so it would be a little easier for you, to get out of some financial problems, which suddenly you would not know-how. sort out.

A prosperous day at work means that after so much waiting, you finally have the desired rewards. Do not let anyone stop you if you have the opportunity to change something that not only benefits you but benefits others. Being a Good Samaritan would have its benefits. Especially if you let the rulership of the Moon help you meet that particular goal.

Virgo Horoscope

Fear not, your current relationship is not in jeopardy. Think about what you are going to spend that saved money on. The stars are on your side, jump into that professional challenge. If you play sports frequently, monitor your defenses. Sometimes some things go unnoticed and that is why you have a bit of nervousness when knowing whether or not your expectations would be fulfilled out of time. But for your good fortune, you would find the chances that everything fits into shape. The Moon would have the possibility of giving you the energy so that everything is much better without pressure.

It is a good day to receive the energy of the transit of the signs from Cancer to Scorpio, that is why you would maintain a different vibration, that is, recently you would have had abrupt thoughts that would not do you any good, but now you are calmer than usual.

Love: A trine between the Sun and Mars, is looming as a good omen for you in love, at least that is what the day has in the regency. It means that after an unexpected time, you receive positive news from who you waited for a long time.

Health: Take care of your steps, your health but also your mind, possibly anxiety, it would be devastating, that is why as far as you can, let everything work in your favor with sports, recreational activities or mental agility.

Money and Luck: Good time to receive unexpected money, the number two in the regency, would put the best of your numerical skills, to know how to define what is good for you and what is not. Therefore you would be convinced that you are a much more skilled person, financially speaking.

Work: The concept of work happiness, could be in front of you, it means that the activities you have done would make you better sense with the results you forged throughout the year. It is a good day for the Moon to guide you and its influence remains important to you.

Libra Horoscope

The heart leans more towards friends than lovers. Conquer that mania of falling in love with what is on sale. Don’t take work problems home. Be careful with physical efforts. You start the day with the opportunity to radically change your energy, it has to do with the way you treat things, probably the trine between the Sun and Mars, it would be ideal for you to have your imagination intact, making whatever happens to happen, be a successful day.

The day has good energy, not only because you are alive, but because you have the availability to reconnect with yourself so that everything is lighter when you express your opinion. With the energy of Mercury direct in Sagittarius, your mind becomes bright, agile, and with great intelligence.

Love: Good time for love to stay with you, you would have been surprised by some recent compliments that motivated you, apparently by the person from whom they come. Possibly it is the Moon, the one that in its waning luminosity, made you feel in good energy and being compatible.

Health: You could stop feeling sorry for asking for help, it is better that you feel much more relaxed when someone has done everything possible to make you well, without any problem, you would accept that they extended their hand to you and thus see the possibility that your health is restored as soon as possible.

Money and Luck: It restores you with great energy, it means that your money is soon put in a good way so that things are more prosperous than expected.

Work: Your work will always be relevant, whether they take it into account or not, take all your trust, put it in your soul, body and mind and you would know how everything would be in well-being, just by thinking about it. The moon in its waning luminosity would have the energetic strength that makes you feel that everything would come in balance.

Scorpio Horoscope

The debt that you have forgotten to pay no longer admits of delays. Projects at work are not going to be missing. His haggard appearance is due only to fatigue. Scorpio, these energies could make you fear what you respond to in your horoscope today, Friday, December 4, because the impulse is tempting. Sometimes it is more difficult for you, to control your impulses and your thoughts. For this reason, you would take advantage of the energy of the transition from Cancer to Leo, letting everything glimpse better for you.

Insistence is good, as long as it does not become an obsession, find a way and a way to make everything make better sense for you, without the need to be obsessive. It is a good method to move away at times, so you would obtain the ease of speech that you have not had before to stop something when the results are not seen properly.

Love: Be grateful the best you can, everything that could happen around you, there is no problem in starting a loving relationship, with whoever you want. Sometimes the environment could be very cruel because they say what they should not and in this, they would fill your relationship with bad vibes. Let Mercury direct in Sagittarius make you defend your relationship.

Health: A complicated month in health, it is a very dizzying closure and it would be full of little controlled energy on your emotional health, more than anything. For this reason, it is essential to make all the activities that you have available, be your allies to prevent depression from entering your environment. You would let everything look more relaxed, taking aromatherapy.

Money and Luck: Keep an eye on what you didn’t pay attention to before. Possibly in those insignificant details, you will get the opportunity, to feel that the doors open indefinitely.

What happens is that the number two in regency doubles the possibilities to do things better. Send your worries away, this is not the time for them to enter your life

Work: You would be much more comfortable, with those you did not like before, possibly as you have progressed in your work, you find people with whom you are much more compatible than with others. Today the trine between the Sun and Mars would keep you in good energy without a doubt so that your work environment, away from boredom.

Sagittarius Horoscope

Your partner needs your support, don’t let her down. Your household finances are on the mend. In your work, you have shown what you are worth, demand what you deserve. Agile and energetic, enough to do whatever you want. Sagittarius, read your horoscope for today Friday, December 4, where you have correctly chosen to do some things that suddenly would not be good in the public eye.

However, you would have the support of people who know you better and that would be enough for you. Take much more care with whom you get along, to avoid unnecessary confrontations. With the moon in the regency, he would have the satisfaction of doing things better. Today better than ever you allow the trine between the Sun and Mars to take you to the limit of your abilities to feel satisfied.

Love: Without any risk, you could do everything you want to make you feel privileged, it is perhaps a person in particular, who would fill you with good vibes on this day. You would be satisfied if it weren’t for your nerves to beat you in front of that someone you are attracted to. The waning moon has for you.

Health: Possibly you do some things that are full of health, consuming fiber is ideal so that you can feel how everything becomes in balance for your body. Do not be in a hurry to do a different activity every day, as long as it is functional, you would have good vibes.

Money and Luck: You would be prepared for everything that has to do with making tax payments or those that correspond to fiscal responsibilities, sometimes they are strange energies that surround money, but for today rest assured that the world would find itself in your side suddenly. You would have enough money based on the energy of number two, which would undoubtedly make you a much more cautious person.

Work: Accommodate your ideas, it could be that fatigue, is playing you bad times and you do not focus on what you should, so I would try, if possible, to change your way of being. When you talk about it, it’s because people would often complain about the blunt way you respond.

Capricorn Horoscope

The need for affection that you have will bring you closer to yours. In the economic aspect, without problems. Spend more hours on your job training. Be careful with the joints. For several days, you would have tried to relax, without having many results, Capricorn for that in your horoscope for today December 4, it is better to stay in tune with what you want and what you do, this is the way it would be easier, leave worries behind. Good time to receive the trine between the Sun and Mars, with a good omen for you to move forward.

Attention is essential for the present day, so you would need to do, one task at a time, with a theme to pay attention to the needs you have, do not think that because they are small, it would not be worth it. Now with the transition from Cancer to Leo, you would have enough desire to be more consistent with yourself.

Love: Love is fundamental in every way, sometimes as a couple, sometimes as a family, and even towards pets. Precisely on that specific topic, today you will feel a lot of love for nature, animals, and those little things that you would not take into account for yourself before, it is likely that due to nostalgia, this energy resurfaces based on tranquility. The moon would be the protagonist of these events.

Health: The consumption of fish and a good salad, would be fundamentally so that today you feel light. Possibly the omega 3 of a good salmon would make you feel much more energy than before. Consume shrimp or fish broth to supplement your nutrition today.

Money and Luck: You would easily adapt to the new energy around you. Mainly for your peace of mind, it means that even though you may have to restrict yourself for a few days, the money you save will keep you in good financial energy. The number two is in regency and with it, the opportunity to feel that everything comes in improvement and fortune.

Work: You finally finish a plan that kept you worried. That’s why you do a bit of everything so that nothing suddenly falls on you like what happened with it. Hiding would not be the answer, confront people with necessary situations, who would do a bit of everything so that you find greater calm at the end of the day. Rejoice, you have a work path soon to be in prosperity. Above all, with the energy of the Moon.

Aquarius Horoscope

He is in a position to give his partner what she needs. Improve your quality of life by avoiding unnecessary expenses. Don’t make trouble with a colleague. If migraine persists, see a doctor. Aquarius, they would have told you that you could not do anything other than find a way and a way to get away from a person, who would suddenly be a bad influence on you. But with the energy of the Waning Moon, you would realize, if it is true what you have been told or not.

Now that you feel that everything is starting to make better sense than before, you could be open with those who think that you do not have the opportunity to have a calm or full of good energy conversation. It is direct Mercury in Sagittarius that will ultimately move your emotions beyond what you expected.

Love: No matter how many times your heart has been broken, you still have the corresponding strength to open the doors again. It coincides with the energy that you have at hand, good and new vibrations, which generate love for you. The trine between the Sun and Mars would mainly move your energy towards the respect that you have asked in a partner.

Health: You would be convinced that your health cannot be set aside any longer. It is time for everything to remain in good energy, making your health stronger. It would be recommended that you have on hand a menu of fruits and vegetables to combine with chicken.

Money and Luck: Good morning for money, letting the influence of number two, make all paperwork, related to economic, debt, or administrative energies, put them to get in tune with your fortune by debugging the unnecessary and what without realizing it blocks you.

Work: It is better to be grateful than to leave bad words and bad wishes on your enemies. Preferably, change your frequency and way of thinking. You would have done your best to let everything stay more relaxed than before in front of your coworkers. Good morning for the Moon, let the best of its energy in you.

Pisces Horoscope

Sensitive and tender with the people around him. Beware of self-gratification, be restrained. At work, more responsibility and less free time, value it. Slight torticollis can start this day. Several people would have tried to make you stay low vibrations, Pisces. But today, Friday, December 4, for your best luck you have had enough strength to focus on well-being and not the other way around.

You are on a path where prosperity is assumed to be the best of all and it is the transition from the signs from Cancer to Leo that will make you focus again on what corresponds to you.

Love: You find a person who resembles what you like about someone as a soulmate candidate. For this reason, you may have decided to stay calm, so that things arise relatively calm, with you and with whom you start that new relationship. Moment of introspection to assess who you love. Day where the trine between the Sun and Mars, would make you feel privileged.

Health: Possibly due to protocol issues in your day to day, you should stay healthier than before. Therefore, it raises the defenses of your immune system with natural foods. You would correct your diet and with it, your life, to be healthier.

Money and Luck: You have saved a good amount of money so far, the one that will allow you to make an unexpected gift to that person who represents your respect and pride. That is why you have the two in regency that fills you with gratitude when you feel pleased with that fact.

Work: You will achieve a feat, which is unexpected but well-received by those who evaluate your work. It is not so difficult to think that you have the energy of the Moon available so that your qualities and abilities are present at work. Being victorious.