Daily Horoscope Today 4th November 2019

Horoscope of the day of November 4, 2019, for each sign of the Zodiac

Today, the Moon continues its transit in Virgo then enters Libra. The Moon in Libra is diplomatic and kind, and under this influence, we seek above all to seek balance or harmony. The Moon forms a square with Saturn in Capricorn, which could temporarily darken our spirits, reminding us of everything we need to accomplish.

However, we can talk about our problems with Mercury and the lunar sextile. The Sun and Mars form a parallel and our impulses are strong. We react quickly to most situations, maybe too much. We are voluntary, direct and transparent under this influence.daily horoscope today 4th November 2019

Aries, let your actions speak for themselves today! With the sun and Mars meeting in a parallel aspect, you feel stronger and safer, especially if you act on a case. It’s a good time for pride, and the bonus is that others will probably appreciate you as you are. A cycle that begins today and continues through December is beneficial for your relationships, especially partnerships. Read Full Aries Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

This cycle challenges you to achieve a fairer and more thoughtful balance in a partnership or to achieve a better balance between your attention to personal projects and the consideration of others. Relation and career may be hindered today or embarrassed, and even if this theme seems to be repeated from time to time, you have all the tools to solve the problem.

Taurus, attempts to bring more variety to your routine may not be entirely successful today, but it’s a good time to get things done. You can decide to partner to accomplish something substantial. While adding someone else to the equation can sometimes slow you down, today is good to share your load. Read Full Taurus Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

In addition, you are embarking on a new cycle, which will last until December and is powerful for organizing, planning, and sorting, especially in your professional life, with daily routines and fitness or health goals. This cycle focuses on what is right with respect to your workload and your work relationships. Things that are out of balance can now go wrong, but you’re in a fabulous position to fix things.

Gemini, the tendency to see the negative side of things is released, and your mood improve. The Moon moves into your creative sector, encouraging a more playful approach to your life. Although you may feel a bit inhibited from doing everything you want to do now, you are usually in a good mood. In addition, a cycle starting today and continuing until December is excellent for design and planning. You may like to immediately structure your creations, your games, and your hobbies. Read Full Gemini Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

Your vision is unique and inspiring. Hobby and creative activities can thrive with individual attention and your creations can now be crafted. This cycle is also useful for learning, thinking, and sharing, as well as for more confidence in your ideas. The attractions are unique and a bit different.

Cancer, the Moon is heading to your fourth solar home today, and your focus is on your needs for care and comfort. In addition, today you are starting a rather long cycle, which is great for intellectual stimulation at home. However, you may feel quickly bored or frustrated if things are not as mentally engaging as you would like during this time. Read Full Cancer Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

It’s a good time to design or redesign at home and to take on other challenges of this type. There can be a lot of traffic, so to speak, in your home now, but it can also be a fun, stimulating and unique time in the family or in your personal life. You do not want to do the same things right now, and this can lead you to some fun discoveries!

Leo, the Moon settles in your third solar house, stimulating your need for a change of pace. Pallas is also entering your communications business today, and while the Moon will stay a little over two days, Pallas will stay there for nine months! The coming months will be potentially strong for learning, sharing ideas and unique projects, especially if they involve design, structure, and creativity. Read Full Leo Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

Your communications are a little more orderly now and, with a little planning, your unique ideas will come out more clearly and with more skill than usual in the coming months. Asking for help can bring interesting people into your life. Your own gestures and efforts will also be noticed and remarkable. The current parallel between the Sun and Mars shines by its strength of will and by its enthusiastic or enterprising ideas.

Virgo, the Moon moves your sign and enters your second solar home today, and the emotions will tend to subside when you prioritize your practical concerns. Although this transit is rather discreet, you need a little predictability in your life for a few days! Also today, Pallas leaves your sign to enter the resource sector. Although the Moon only stays here a little over two days, Pallas will stay there for about nine months. Read Full Virgo Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

During this rather long cycle, you will build your resources and your ambition to feel safer and better anchored, it will give you energy and motivate you. This transit also builds your confidence when it comes to expressing and sharing your natural talents. Business creation of money creation ideas is at the center of your concerns. Today’s energies are particularly strong for these things.

Libra, the Moon moves on your sign today, and emotions are in the spotlight! You are in a fabulous position to understand your needs in more depth, even if you maybe a little more impatient or perhaps a little more irrational than usual. Also today, Pallas settles into your sign for a rather extended stay – until December. Your creative ideas or unique point of view will be at their best and concentrated during this time. Read Full Libra Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

You shine with your intelligence and your insight! You greet the world with a little more confidence than usual and are more inclined to voice your opinions and share your ideas. You go in your own direction and get some pleasure or relief. You can have a good time in your little world now. However, what may concern you is that you are far too much in your enthusiasm.

Scorpion, the Moon is heading towards the sign right behind yours, signaling the beginning of a two-day stretch that’s best used to decompress, relax and restore your energy. You arrive at the end of a personal lunar cycle and you’d better take more time to digest and treat your feelings. The emotions that you have swept away because you were busy can now pass the exam. Read Full Scorpio Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

Moreover, today you are starting a rather long cycle (until December 2019) that is particularly beneficial for spending more time alone or with your thoughts and your inner world. You will find an excellent time to access your intuition, in general, and to explore your unmet needs and your private dreams. Jupiter soon leaving your sign, this day is good for energy, and assertiveness.

Sagittarius, the Moon leaves your area of responsibility to enter your social sector today, and you tend to free yourself from the pressure that opposes you. This is a good chance, although it may not go smoothly because you have a lot of things in mind. In addition, today you enter a cycle, which lasts until December, that can put you in touch with people or groups particularly interesting. Read Full Sagittarius Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

This period excels for group activities or collaborations and networking. If you have recently experienced imbalances or injustices in a relationship of friendship or with a group, perhaps it is time to restore balance or redress the situation. Planning for future projects can also be exciting now, and you’re in a great position to organize and plan your activities and projects.

Capricorn, while the Moon challenges Saturn in your sign today, you may feel a little cut or recoiled temporarily. Remember, this is a very temporary condition and you can fight back – not by fighting, but by taking better care of yourself. Even if you feel that your mood or your energy level is going down, one strategy may be to move back and keep your energy for the most important priorities. Read Full Capricorn Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

Today, you will need to support efforts to establish yourself and deal with outstanding issues or unfinished business. You can be quite technical, business-oriented and progressive now. In addition, you are now entering a cycle that will last until December and is great for thinking about career issues and long-term goals. You may well appreciate the planning and organizing efforts related to your life path. Your insight or unique intelligence can be in the spotlight now, allowing you to gain recognition or respect. It’s a good cycle to cultivate good working relationships or business partnerships.

Aquarius, the Moon moves in your area of mind and harmonizes with your sign, which can help release pressure or tension. Also today, you begin a new cycle, which will last until December, in which your love of learning will be fully highlighted. It’s time to broaden your perspective, to discuss new ideas and beliefs, and to fully benefit from the process! Read Full Aquarius Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

Some people may find your ideas particularly unique and interesting. In general, the past nine months have been more related to publishing, marketing, and communication. It goes well with the next transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius, thus contributing to a more extroverted and connected phase of life. The current Sun-Mars connection is getting stronger and livelier at the same time! You assert yourself more easily and move forward.

Pisces, Moon enters your eighth solar house today, and you’re looking for a stronger connection with a person or a project now! Although this transit only lasts a little over two days, Pallas is going to the same area of your map today and will remain in place until December. Read Full  Pisces Daily Horoscope November 4th, 2019

The coming months are potentially wonderful to learn a lot about your inner motives and your psychology or to devote extra energy and attention to a specific and in-depth relationship or project. You can come to meaningful conclusions and achieve a better self-understanding. It is also the time to solve problems in the close relationships related to issues of power dynamics, possessiveness or property that are confusing. During this time, you will not be satisfied with unbalanced problems in terms of mutual concessions and you will try to arrange everything.

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