Date of Births and Personality Traits of a Aries

Date of Births and Personality Traits of a Aries

The dates and personality of Aries

From 21 March to 19 April, under the permanent influence of the god of war, Aries is one of the most active signs of the zodiac. If you do something, you do it with passion and determination. You are a generous soul who does not seek to be rewarded. When it comes to giving, you do it passionately. You love to be conquered but deep down what you most want is to get to know you and know who you are.
aries birth dates and traits

You are the first of the three signs of fire, an ambitious and charismatic person, cheerful and enthusiastic in your tasks. Others see you as a sociable and confident person, and enjoy your company.

Aries Astrology of Love by Date of Birth

The stars know everything about your personality, a detailed study of your natal sky can say more than you think, but they also know the way you love and your compatibility. If you are interested in how to seduce him, if you are compatible, his erogenous zones.

You are a cardinal sign, which means you do not wait for others to take action. Put another way, you initiate the action immediately, energetically and directly. If something bores you, you quickly move on to other more interesting things. Your strengths are undoubtedly your qualities of leader; Inspire and motivate others with your enthusiasm, honesty and frankness.

Your Astrology according to Date of Births

In addition to your sun sign, your ascendant, your moon sign, your ruling planet and the phases of the Moon can help you to know better and to take advantage of your potential.

Since you are a competitive person, you need the challenges just as others need the air to breathe. You stand out for your ability to remove obstacles from the road, and to trust your instincts. Your independence and power allow you to easily achieve the goals you set.

Important things you should know about  Date of Birth of Aries

Dates: between the 21 of March and the 19 of April
Strengths: speed and strength
Fire element
Colors: red
Metals: iron, steel
Part of body: head, blood
Qualities: courage and sincerity
Defects: impulsive and anger
Stones: rubies, amethysts
Regent Planet: Mars

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