Differences between SEO and SEM to grow your website

Differences between SEO and SEM to grow your web page

Any company or business that has decided to launch their own website and embarked on their online adventure in search of new customers, will know that a web is only the beginning of any digital strategy.

We could say that it is only the tip of the iceberg. After all, there are millions of web pages on the internet and at the beginning yours will not be known by anyone.

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So how do we fix this?

Today the best combination for this is to use a hybrid SEO and SEM strategy. But before that, let’s briefly see what each thing is and how Google distributes the results in your listing.

Differences between SEO and SEM

In case you do not know, when you look for something in Google, the American giant has divided the results into 2 parts. Above all, in the top positions, are placed ads or results paid and just below, organic or natural results.

But what exactly are SEO and SEM?

When we talk about SEO we mean the positioning in Google-type search engines that is done in a natural way.

That is, your website will appear in the search results because Google considers your page to be relevant and has useful content for users who are searching the internet.

No payments through, just based on optimizing your website with SEO On Page and get quality links.

On the other hand, SEM or PPC advertising in Google AdWords is a service provided by Google so that anyone can promote your website and appear in the first search results instantly.

Just set your keywords, create your campaigns and set a maximum daily budget that you are willing to invest.

As for the differences between SEO and SEM, there are mainly 4:
Time to get results

Like any strategy, both SEO and SEM have strengths and weaknesses. In the case of SEO, one of its weaknesses and where the SEM takes advantage of it, is in the speed in achieving the objectives and results.

While SEO is a slow process that takes effect from 3 to 6 months, with the SEM you get visibility, visits and potential customers the same day you start your Google AdWords campaigns.

SEO requires a steady job for a few months for Google to know you’re working on it and then take it into account.

But many times we need to attract customers as soon as possible to start to monetize our website. This is usually given at launch time when the web has not yet acquired SEO relevance and you will want to give a boost to our business.

Keep in mind that with SEM you can create a campaign and your ads show on the same day in the first results.

Therefore, in this section wins the SEM by thrashing.
Cost per visit

In this respect there is a clear difference between the two strategies. On the one hand, when we run ads using Google AdWords, we’ll be following a pay-per-click or PPC SEM strategy.

This means that every time a person clicks on one of our ads to access our website, Google will charge us a certain amount.

That is, each visit through the SEM costs us money. This way, you can show your results in the top positions of Google and if people do not click on your ad, Google will not charge you anything.

On the other hand, SEO is different. If you get to position your page in the first natural results, Google will not charge you anything every time someone clicks on your link.

That is to say, if you have worked the SEO position of your web and you have won that position, Google rewards you putting you in the top organic posts receiving clicks and visits at no cost to you. Definitely a great plus.

In this second aspect, SEO wins for obvious reasons.

Flexibility to change

Another of the big differences between these two strategies of digital marketing, is the flexibility that they offer, being less flexible the SEO. Let’s take an example.

Imagine that we have a new car dealership and orient our website to keywords like “new car sales”, “new car dealership, etc.

Google will begin to track our website bit by bit and will position us for those keywords in the listings. However, if within a few months the business changes from a new car dealer to a second-hand car dealer, it will take a few weeks or months for Google to change the chip and start positioning us for the new ones.

With SEM this does not happen, since you choose keywords for each campaign and you can stop and create new groups of ads with different keywords instantly and your ads change and position by the new ones on the spot.

Another point for the SEM. With this we go 2-1 in your favor
Results in time

As we have seen previously, if something is characterized by SEM is by its immediate results. You create the campaign, you launch your ads, and after a while you can see them in the search listings.

However, as fast as they appear, they also disappear when you stop campaigns and stop paying Google.

However, if you follow a good SEO strategy, the results can endure over time if you do things right.

If you work your web to a few keywords optimizing the SEO of your page and you get to position yourself, the effort you’ve done will have been worth it, because your position will remain more or less stable unless your competition starts to do better than you.

Another point for SEO, 2-2. This is a technical tie!

SEO and SEM What is the best strategy to follow?

There is no clear winner, since each has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the best digital strategy to follow is a hybrid, combining both methods. Especially for those who are starting with your new web.

At first your web will hardly have visibility and only know you and your family and friends. That’s why I recommend that you start building campaigns in Google AdWords to start attracting visitors and therefore potential customers from the beginning, while performing a good SEO strategy.

This way, you will start your website from the very beginning, and when you take a few months and Google will begin to take into account your natural results thanks to the SEO work you have been doing week after week.

Remember Divide and conquer!

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