Why is it so difficult for us to maintain the weight we lose?

 Is it difficult for us to maintain the weight we lose?

The body “defends” against weight loss.

The ease with which one regains weight after having achieved weight loss seems to be related to the metabolism at rest, that is the amount of calories burned by a person when he is at rest.

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When we consider losing weight, our metabolism has a normal functioning for our weight. It is burning a normal number of calories for people of our own weight. But after we got thin, we found that our metabolism has dropped dramatically.

Our body can not burn enough calories to maintain the weight we had achieved with the slimming diet, and therefore it is very difficult to maintain the weight.

There is always a body weight in which we maintain ourselves without any effort.

What happens when we get thin? As the metabolism slows down, it is not able to recover, and also increasingly slows down causing the pounds to accumulate successively.

We know that a change in body weight occurs as a result of an imbalance between intake and energy expenditure. And that our body tries to resist weight changes and correct this energy imbalance. So for example, if we normally eat 2,000 calories every day and suddenly fall to 1000 cal / day, not only will we get to lose weight, it will also increase the feeling of hunger.

This hunger would be the way the body would make us eat more to try to recover the energy balance again. And it’s one of the reasons why maintaining long-term weight loss is so difficult.

Weight loss is accompanied by a decrease in the resting metabolic rate, which is sometimes greater than would be expected as a function of changes measured in body composition. This phenomenon is known as “metabolic adaptation” or “adaptive thermogenesis”, and acts also acts to counteract weight loss, and thus contributes to weight recovery.

Another way that our body “resists” to weight loss is with a decrease in activity.

We unconsciously reduce our activity and also become more efficient in the activity that we do, we spend less calories for the same movement.

Why do we regain the weight we have lost so easily.

It is the combination of decreasing resting metabolic rate, increased hunger sensation and decreased activity which causes us to burn many fewer calories per day than would be expected for someone of our same height, weight, Sex and body composition.

How to keep weight under control for a lifetime.

A good way to increase energy expenditure is to increase physical activity to a degree sufficient to prevent weight regain.

High levels of physical activity can help maintain weight loss. But remember that physical activity does not have to include formal exercise.

In fact, walking just 1.5 km per hour will double the energy expenditure compared to what we have when we are sitting. Even small things, like parking the car farther or using the stairs instead of the elevator, can add calories consumed throughout the day.

Therefore, anything we do to accumulate physical activity during the day will dramatically improve the chances of maintaining long-term weight loss.

But you have to be careful, since as the activity can decrease to a level almost unconscious, it will be necessary to make a conscious and deliberate effort to obtain the greater activity possible in all the day, every day.

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