Discover an innovative way to know the sex of a baby before conceiving

A team of scientists believes they have found a way to select the sex of the baby. From cravings, the shape of the belly to the ancient Chinese lunar tablets, there are many myths about the possibility of knowing the sex of a baby before it is born.

baby boy and girl

Canadian scientists have discovered that there could be a more accurate physiological marker, blood pressure.

Even weeks before conception, a woman’s blood pressure could be a good indicator of whether she is going to conceive a girl or a child.

The scientific study

  1. The authors of the new study found that with a:
  2. Higher systolic blood pressure is born more children.
  3. Lower systolic blood pressure is born more girls.

The new study involved more than 1,400 women who were planning to become pregnant, whose blood pressure was measured 26 weeks before they became pregnant.

Women with a higher blood pressure were about 45% more likely to have a child than those with lower blood pressures.

Mean systolic blood pressure in the months prior to conception in women who gave birth to children was 106 mm Hg, compared to 103 mm Hg for those who had girls.

Could you plan the sex of the baby before you conceive it?

The sex of a fetus is determined by the father’s sperm. It provides an X chromosome to conceive a girl or a Y chromosome to conceive a child, and this has not changed.

It seems that what varies is the proportion of male or female fetuses lost during pregnancy.

Low blood pressure may indicate that the mother’s physiology is less conducive to the survival of a male fetus, and that a higher blood pressure before pregnancy makes a female fetus less likely to survive.

It is not clear if women can purposely choose sex by matching blood pressure to conception time.

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