Dragon : Daily Chinese Horoscope Saturday 13th July 2019

Dragon : Daily Chinese Horoscope Saturday 13th July 2019

1- Love
You will not have your way to hunt for boredom and habits in your life as a couple. You will not lose an ounce of your usual sensitivity and charm, but you will be able to show yourself, gently, certainly, but without hesitation, more voluntary than usual. Your spouse or partner will therefore have an interest in complying with your wishes as well as your requirements. He will win, by the way. Single, you will multiply the exciting adventures today, and it will be very difficult to put the rope around your neck!

2- Money and Luck
In business, you will prefer to rely on your instinct rather than your reasoning. It will be a bad calculation: this tactic will not succeed you because of the negative influence of the star Moc Duc. So, wait a bit and do not tackle serious things until you are sure you have found all your usual flair. In any case, it would be good to take advice.daily chinese dragon horoscope 13th july 2019

3- Health
Several planetary allies will allow you to see life in pink. A lull that will come after the tensions of the last days. Bowel pain or rash due to nervousness will decrease significantly.

4- Work
With the star Tham Lang dominating your native sky, it would be difficult for you to get to work in peace and relaxation. Indeed, this star being a factor of action and achievement par excellence, you will be dragged into a whirlwind of intense activities. Be aware, however, that all this agitation will not be in vain; well conducted, it can lead to the greatest successes in the professional field.

5- Home and Family
You will feel more than ever prisoner of family constraints, and this may sadden you a little. Be aware, however, that you have the necessary qualities to organize your life so as to make these constraints less burdensome. Remember to delegate power and beware of perfectionism.

6- Social Life
In any case, do not miss your word to those you love, otherwise you could seriously hurt those you care most. Do not be surprised if brutal ruptures break out: you would have done everything for it by a certain unconsciousness.