Emma Watson’s present partner in Beauty and the Beast, Dan Stevens

Discover all the details about Emma Watson’s present partner in ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens stars alongside Emma Watson one of the most anticipated films of the year, the flesh-and-blood version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and this role, in addition to shooting his fame, has made him one of the most Sought after, and details of his little known life have come to light. And the actor has not had it easy. Although it has always been clear to want to dedicate himself to the interpretation, it has had to work hard to get to where it is.

emma watson with dan stevens

Dan Stevens, the man who shares the screen with Emma Watson, in the long-awaited live version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, has been shared in one of the most sought after, and details of his life have been revealed Had not come to light so far.

Dating back to her childhood, Dan was born in London and was adopted by a couple of teachers. The only bond he maintains with his biological family is through his younger brother, who was also adopted by another family, but with whom he has a very good relationship.

His acting career did not take off until he entered Cambridge University, where he studied English Literature, and combined it with his first steps in the world of theater, where he carved out a successful career through which he conquered television. It was during his stage on the small screen where he got nominations and achieved worldwide fame thanks to his role in Downton Abbey.

Until now, she is immersed in the promotion of one of the most anticipated feature films of the year where she plays Beast and shares filming with nothing more and nothing less than Emma Watson, one of the most beloved actresses worldwide. In addition, in turn, is working on the Fox series ‘Legion’, where his performance has got very good reviews.

As far as his sentimental life is concerned, he is in love and married to the jazz singer Susie Harries, with whom he has had two children, who has been very present during the filming of the film because it is a story he has read many times. “It’s a story I’ve read on hundreds of occasions, so in his mind he had already played the Beast on numerous occasions,” said the actor.

It seems that the actor of the moment awaits a long career surrounded by successes ahead in New York, where he has moved after leaving London.
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