Essential helpful android apps for first time mothers and fathers

Android helping apps for the new parents

The mobiles are tools of the most useful, but of little we would serve if it were not for the applications that we have installed. The variety is huge and today, that of “There is an app for that” could not be more true. There are apps for everything, even to help you in the adventure that is to be mother or father.

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‘Parenting’ is one of the categories of apps available on Google Play. There are all kinds of utilities focused on education as well as pregnancy monitoring, child-friendly cooking recipes or apps for your baby to sleep better. If your family has welcomed a new member (or is about to give it), you can not miss these apps.

Contraction counter

The name says it all. With this app you can record the duration and frequency of your contractions to carry out a detailed follow up. In case the contractions indicate the possibility of childbirth, the app will notify you.

White Noise Baby

The baby has arrived and everything has gone great, but getting it to sleep is costing more than expected, does it sound like something? Nanas or lullabies are one of the most used methods to calm a baby, but now what is taken is the ‘white noise’, monotonous sounds like the TV when no channel, air conditioning or A car in motion This app has a huge variety and they claim it works better than a babysitter.


With this application you can follow your menstrual cycle easily. It allows you to add details about the mood, pains and warns you of the date for your next rule. Clue can also be a very practical app if you are thinking about getting pregnant since, based on the information you register, calculate your fertile window. It also has an access code as a security measure.

My baby and my baby day by day

This app is a comprehensive solution for monitoring both pregnancy and baby. Includes images of fetal development, articles of interest and many informative videos. It also has a section where you can connect with more mothers and fathers to ask questions or share your tricks.

I slept

The baby monitor is a very practical accessory to control that everything is in order while the baby sleeps, but they are not exactly cheap. With Dormi parents can see and listen to the baby through the smartphone, just synchronize a minimum of two devices (allows to configure more).


There are many second-hand buy-sell apps, but Mooms is the only one focused solely on articles related to children. Many baby items are quite expensive and time to use is quite limited, here you can make second-hand products or give a second life to those you already have.

Baby Tracker

With Baby Tracker you can keep track of your baby and record areas such as feeding, changing diapers, sleeping habits or day-to-day growth. It also allows to save backup copies in Dropbox and export all the information in PDF.

Happy Recipes

Happy Recipes offers an extensive collection of healthy baby-friendly recipes that are starting to get used to solid foods. The app is designed for Baby Led Weaning trend, which translates to something like “baby-weaned weaning”, which allows the baby to try different foods.

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