How your Ex reacts when you finished with him, according to his sign

How your Ex reacts when you finished with him, according to his sign

Ending a love relationship is usually one of the most painful situations, no matter how much you are in love or not.

Each person faces it differently, there are those who overcome it faster than others, each one lives his own grief and will seek his well-being and peace of mind. Discover what astrology reveals about this aspect of your Ex’s love life.reaction after breakup

The man of this sign tries to always look busy because he feels that if his mind is calm his heart will calm down. This situation will keep him away from the person who broke his heart.

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The bullfighters take refuge in the company of the people they love, as friends and family. This reaction makes you avoid despair and have to fight alone, something that costs a lot of work.

This sign is divided into two, a part makes you convinced that you do not want anything else, accepting reality, but on the other side, you will oppose and question what was wrong. However, he does not like to show his weak side, that means that you will rarely see him vulnerable.

He does not hide what he feels, he shows his emotions and he looks for others to help him, he is not afraid to say that he has made mistakes in matters of love. Being one of the most emotional signs, it crumbles and suffers a lot of abandonment, but its self-love will take it forward. He will cry only what is necessary.

This is the sign of the drama par excellence, is not resigned to their relationships fail. He will be sad for a few days and then go on with his life. He will accept invitations that he would normally say no. Your pride will prevent you from being vulnerable.

Your personality will make you think about everything you could do throughout the relationship, try to understand what you did wrong, but remember the good times and organize your life.

First, the uncertainty will attack him thinking about his future, what will happen? After this, he will go away as far as he can without waiting for contact with the person who left him. When you are about to hit bottom in pain, you will resurface and begin to socialize, but for that to happen you can spend time.

His way of freeing himself is very impulsive, he spends money, he goes out partying and neglects important aspects of his life, thus demonstrating how sad he feels. Well, the break did not live very well, there were screams, crying, screaming questions, reproaches and pleas for you not to leave. It will take you a long time to assimilate that you are no longer part of your life.

This sign does not see a break, for him everything is always good, the time will come when he will face it, but before he expects to listen to everything that was saved, the times you made him feel bad, all the mistakes he overlooked and who endured for you When all that happens, he will recover and take control of his life.

Do not expect this sign to take things easy. Everything will be questioned, why they left it, because for this sign if someone ends with it it is a defeat. Once he assimilates the situation, faithful to his personality he will seek to heal and be alone. They do not show what they feel but it affects them a lot.

It is one of the least left pieces of evidence that something hurt. If he has you in front of him, he will do everything possible to pretend that you did not hurt him, that will leave him for when they are alone. Even if he dies of getting into a rage, expressing all his courage, Aquarius will remain calm, he will make you feel his indifference at levels you can not imagine.

It will be fine, after having time for him, however before that, it will split the soul to leave him, he has trouble understanding that a relationship ended because for him things were fine.