This is all we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S8

Background of arrival of Samsung Galaxy S8

The controversy generated by defective batteries of Galaxy Note 7 has had consequences for Samsung. First economic, but also has affected its plans for 2017, with the delay of the arrival of Galaxy S8 the most obvious.

For several years, the company used to announce the new terminals of the Galaxy S series in an Unpacked event coinciding with the fair Mobile World Congress. However, next year they would not be on time for this appointment. The latest rumors point to April as the most likely date for his presentation, and the place chosen would be New York.

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As we said, Samsung’s Unpacked event had already become a tradition in the days leading up to the Mobile World Congress fair. We live with the Samsung Galaxy S5, with the Galaxy S6 and this year with the Galaxy S7, but Samsung did not always chose this date to announce its new flagship.

If we look back, the company used to bet on a spring advertisement far from technological fairs. We met the Samsung Galaxy S3 in May and the Galaxy S4 arrived in late March of the following year at a special event in New York City.

Precisely in this city is where we could meet the Galaxy S8 according to the latest rumors. The company would hold an independent Unpacked event as they have done with previous generations, as they would have assured participants of a meeting to discuss the overall strategy of the brand that Samsung is holding at its headquarters in South Korea.

During this event, the head of the mobile division, DJ Koh, would have used to emphasize the need to tighten security to prevent leaks of his next flagship, but not too successfully if the rumors of the presentation are true. In this sense, although there is nothing confirmed, the theory of an Unpacked event in April and in New York sounds like the most plausible.

Customers expectations from Samsung Galaxy S8

The rumors about the new high-end terminal have been accumulating in recent weeks, and in fact it is necessary to rethink that first review we did of what we could expect from the Samsung Galaxy S8.

It is a lot of what is expected of this smartphone, especially because Samsung should make forget the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7 and because this year is also that we will see also very promising devices from other competitors, and especially Apple with its iPhone tenth anniversary. In Samsung could have a good arsenal prepared to face the coming months. Let’s look at those guns.

Screen almost without frames, flat and non-curved.

Much has been seen on the external design of the Galaxy S8, but in recent days have been filtered videos that appear to reveal the final aspect more consistent with the rest of rumors that have been appearing.

In this design stands out a front in which the screen occupies virtually the entire front. In fact the new panel AMOLED would have almost negligible bevels on the sides but also very reduced in the upper and lower part: the use of the front would be very high, but we would also have a flat screen. It had been said that all S8s would be curved, but the latest data suggest that this will not be the case. Little is known of the Edge variant, which is also expected to retain those curves that have yielded such good results in the past.

Double camera? Maybe, but in a new model “Plus”

One of the strongest trends in the market in the field of mobile photography is the inclusion of two cameras instead of one in the back. Samsung could stick to the trend with its new family of high-end devices, but may not do so on the Galaxy S8 as such.

In fact the rumors point to the appearance of a Galaxy S8 Plus that would be new in the family and that would be protagonist by the presence of that dual camera with intelligent zoom. That would make Samsung imitate the strategy of the iPhone with a “normal” model and another higher range yet.

Bigger on screen, but not so much on hand

So far Samsung had maintained composure regarding the diagonals of the Galaxy S, and had let only the Edge models appear with diagonals of 5.5 inches, but that could change with the new generation of devices.

According to all rumors, the Galaxy S8 could make the jump to two new screen diagonals. The smaller, 5.7-inch, would be reserved for the normal model, while the larger, 6.2 inches, would be reserved for the “Plus” model. Attention because the interesting thing about these diagonals is that with the new frontal designs the overall size of the device would not be much bigger than the current one, something that for example we have seen in the Huawei Mate 9.

The pencil will not only be for the Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note had made extensive use of the stylus to make more of these devices in the field of productivity, but that could change radically with the new Samsung Galaxy S8, especially when incorporating those greater diagonals.

Some rumors point precisely that the S Pen will come as an option (but not integrated) to these new devices from Samsung, which would make all the advantages of this accessory could be used in the S8. Careful, because there would be no hole to stick the pencil in the design of these terminals.

Now with 4K resolution for virtual reality

The new models would also pose that new screen size with another important (and disturbing) novelty: adopting 4K resolutions (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) instead of the resolutions 2K (2,560 x .1440) that have been used so far.

One of the most logical reasons for doing so would be the total bet for virtual reality experiences, which would gain whole with this resolution. Of course there are doubts about the impact that this resolution would have on the battery. This resolution may only be available in the “Plus” model to further differentiate it from the standard model.

Goodbye to the start button

One of the signs of identity of the Galaxy S8 had been the presence of that home button that also was part of the fingerprint reader.

That option could disappear with that design in which the frames are reduced to the minimum expression. If so, the solution to that need could be both in a reader in the back and that of doing it under the screen, something that is already possible thanks to developments such as Synaptics. Remember that Samsung are also trying to develop their own components in this area.

More performance

With the arrival of the new S8 also expect better performance in all areas, and that is where we will see the inclusion of improved components in all areas, such as in the field of the processor or connectivity, with the support of Bluetooth 5.0 .

In this Galaxy S8, for example, we expect the arrival of the promising Snapdragon 835, but also that of an Exynos 8895 with the Mali G71 GPU which, according to preliminary data, will offer 1.8 times more performance than the Galaxy S7. That SoC is expected to be accompanied by at least 6 GB of RAM that could actually be 8 GB of high density.

Headset port, yes or no?

Rumors about the Galaxy S8 are conflicting at this point, and no one knows for sure whether Samsung will get rid of the headphone port or will continue to keep it.

A few months ago it seemed confirmed that Samsung would indeed follow the trend set by Apple, but more recent leaks reveal that the Galaxy S8 will have the 3.5 mm connector and will also integrate a USB-C port for the first time.

Welcome, Bixby

What is not a surprise is already the inclusion of a voice assistant of its own in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Since Samsung bought Viv this option was raised, which will become reality in these terminals with the arrival of Bixby.

This wizard will work in a similar way as Google Assistant in the Pixel or Siri on the iPhone, and will have to see if their performance is or not superior, something that the creators of Viv ensured when they were developing this wizard.

The so-called “Samsung Desktop Experience” will offer a working environment similar to that offered by Microsoft with its Continuum, and is a very interesting step for this manufacturer in the field of convergence. We will have to see how far we can go with such a promising way of working.

Waterproof and dustproof

As with the Galaxy S7 / Edge, one of the trends that will remain in the new high end devices of the manufacturer will be its resistance to water and dust to be used in “less ideal” conditions.

We will see if the new design contributes to that water resistance, and it does not appear that integrating the headphone port or the microUSB connector has prevented Samsung from offering such an option in its terminals in the past. It is expected that the S8 will get IP68 certification as its predecessor, something that would certainly make it take to the beach or pool was not too much trouble.

Launch in April

The first data made us think that Samsung would want to accelerate the launch of the Galaxy S8 to make us forget Note 7. That raised a launch during the Mobile World Congress this year in February, but it seems that the date will be more distant.

In fact the latest rumors point to the month of April as the one chosen by Samsung to present its new high-end devices. That would also allow the manufacturer to have more leeway to ensure that all these new features arrive in perfect condition and that will not present the serious problems that affected the Galaxy S8.

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