Your Tarot of the day is The World

today tarot world

This is a tarot card that helps to recognize those moments when we feel we are kings of the world, or in the situation wherever we are. It represents a moment of fullness, which for many people is the most relevant component of happiness, in a harmonious whole. It is also the fact that we … Read more

Your Tarot of the day is The Tower

tower today tarot

It is a letter that people do not like that do not like the changes and feel uncomfortable before them, as it symbolizes a rapid and sometimes even dramatic change in luck and what is to come. Although almost always the changes are progressive, when they occur in an untimely and almost explosive way is … Read more

Your Tarot of the day is The Sun

sun tarot today

The sun, from the beginning of time, has been seen as a source of life, heat, light and energy that gives life. When the person consults, if this letter comes out, he must imagine himself as a sun, that is, feeling a great confidence in himself, with his inner light radiating outwards and illuminating all those … Read more

Your Tarot of the day is The Star

star today tarot

The Star is a tarot card that is usually very welcome, but especially when the person in consultation is desperate for pain and loss. It works in contra-position to the Devil’s letter: if this eliminates hope and faith about the future, the letter The Star grants the desire to find inner peace. It is a … Read more

Your Tarot of the day is The Popess

popess today tarot

The Priestess is the symbol of the unconscious, and contains the secrets of the kingdom. If The Magician represents the masculine power, it can be said that The Priestess is its feminine equivalent that it balances the forces of this one. Woman in certain cultures is still a mystery and this letter represents this mystery. … Read more

Your Tarot of the day is The Pope

today tarot pope

The letter represents the figure of a man sitting on a throne with columns behind. He wears a headdress, which is a triple crown representing spirit, spiritual and material power. With the right hand is blessing and with the left holds the scepter of the 3 crosses (power). At his feet are 2 monks kneeling … Read more

Your Tarot of the day is The Moon

the moon tarot

It is a Major Arcanum that represents light within the night and the shadow, which should not impose fear, just some respect. Guide the person consulting the unknown so that things they had never experienced can get into their daily lives. It also represents the fears of person, but at the same time indicates illusions, … Read more

Your Tarot of the day is The Lovers

lovers tarot card

It is a letter that, logically, represents love, sex and sensuality. An angel is blessing the union between two people in that letter, and this indicates that we want a strong and lasting union. It speaks of a relationship that is strongly based on love, but can be without sex. The choice between two loves, … Read more

Your Tarot of the day is The Hermit

hermit today tarot

The letter number nine of the Major Arcana symbolizes the desire of a search and inner introspection of the person. Who meditates and asks questions and wants to escape the desire to possess material goods in favor of achieving more moral wealth, which will obtain with peace, peace and a solitary environment. It is a … Read more