The Full Gemini Traits Explained

The Full Gemini Traits Explained | You may not Know

According to the horoscope, Gemini is represented by the double personality and always remains a mystery as to which side of his character is emerging. Gemini are known for their incoherence and their double nature. The Personality of Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, with Mercury as the ruling planet, belonging to the air element, metal: Mercury, favorable stones: agate, opal, beryllium and garnet, flower: daisy, Season: spring, Mutable quality, but How is Gemini personality?

Those born in the Gemini sign have a dual personality, each virtue that represents their personality, invariably has a lack attached; they are adaptable and changing people; He has a very versatile personality, symbolized by the different, the separated and the common; To learn more about this interesting sign, continue with your reading.

Gemini personality
In general, the Gemini sign is a mutable sign; It takes a duality that takes him from one change to another direction, very often, which causes him to suffer from internal conflicts very regularly and may even seem a person with two very different personalities.

Those born in Gemini have a very curious personality, almost childish, so they are also very playful; they are attracted to study and knowledge, which is why they are also characterized by being intelligent, they have a very free spirit, which they represent by being fans of adventure and all kinds of fun.

They are the Peter Pan of the zodiac, they behave like two little twin brothers, who like to play and share secrets; They are easy to surprise with small common and everyday aspects and can have fun with anything.

Gemini tend to be very undecided, to the extent that it affects their achievements and prevents them from moving forward, they have a hard time concentrating on something, as they uncontrollably lose their thoughts and stop paying attention to others.

They can be so contradictory, that in a moment they are the soul of the party and after a while, they seem part of the decoration, they are very unpredictable in their social relations, but they are extremely clever and very eloquent; his personality varies more if we talk about women or men.

Gemini Woman Personality
The woman of Gemini has many personalities, it continuously seems that her mind is traveling many kilometers away; but if you pay attention you can find a romantic person, with an intense passion.

Those born in the sign of the twins, are very immature, almost always take the romance as a game nothing more: they are very unpredictable and inconstant, they seem cold and false, but in reality they only live in their fantasy world and have too many personalities together, as to be able to express what you feel or want.

Gemini, they really like the idea of falling in love and they really like the idea of having a family, but with their duality, they always elude the responsibility that this entails, but if the conquest can be almost the perfect woman because it can adapt to everything you want.

The negative part of Gemini woman is that it is very superficial, gossipy and can be terrible when it has conflicts; besides that, it is prone to cheating.

Gemini Man Personality
Gemini men, they are tireless and energetic, they can be very temperamental; they are also intelligent and charming, all this at the same time; with one of them, it is almost impossible to get bored because they are ingenious, funny, social and restless like little children.

An incomprehensible part of the personality of the Gemini men is that you never know when your mood will change, ceasing to be fun, to go so deep into yourself that it seems that you are no longer there, in a short time to return to your facet of the soul of the party.

The personality of men, the Gemini sign, is very diverse, you may never really know, what the soul has, that part of him does not reveal it to his best friends or anyone in his family, so that is always an enigma, but as well as completely protects your freedom, also respects the same way that of others, but that’s why he is not very faithful with his partner.

Like the Gemini woman, she tends to be very gossipy, also very intrusive and so superficial that she is vain and likes to show her opulence; when faced with problems or deceptions, it brings out the worst of itself.

Learn According to the meaning of the horoscope those born under this sign always see situations from dual and mixed perspectives. More often than not, they end up confused as to what they want.

It is a constant battle for other people to guess which side they will face when they have a Gemini around. On the one hand, these people can be extremely social and fun.

But, on the other hand, they usually make a radical change and, suddenly, they become serious and somber, one of the personality traits of the most common Gemini horoscope.

People born under this zodiac sign can feel the dual emotions of love and hate at almost the same time. So much so that it is said that Gemini men and women are always confused as to what their true feelings are.

It is this inconsistency of their innate character that makes them mysterious and difficult for people: the fact of being or not being is their dilemma par excellence. Despite this lack of coherence, the people of Gemini have a surprising insight into penetration in any situation.

Gemini is an air sign. The people of this sign are like that element since they are constantly changing. They belong to the sign of fluid air and without form.

Therefore, the whole of your thinking process is always undecided and is usually in the air. The sign is a mutable being, which means that it is not fixed. These people are often reluctant to trust others and end up not showing their strengths.

People born under the element of the air are great thinkers and intellectuals, excel in oratory and are often polyglots, which means they speak several languages.

Being a sign of the changing zodiac, Gemini people like and are attracted to a wide variety of things. They can also try their hands on different things and do practically everything they set out to do.

Gemini also has a great capacity for oratory and to communicate everything they want to transmit easily since they enjoy excellent communication skills.

Gemini also possesses a rare union between wit and humor and its spontaneity adds a special spark to its soft way of communication.

Gemini is, most likely, one of the most intellectual signs of the zodiac because people born under this sign are always willing to learn and have an intelligent wit that makes them have the ability to express their opinions when necessary.

Gemini people have a special taste for life and always need to place their existence in the fast lane. They long to achieve various things and are more enthusiastic about life and living.

The fact that they are interested in too many things makes Gemini, on occasion, very inconsistent people. Also, they are so smart and sharp that in reality, nothing holds their interest for a long period.

Gemini people are often considered extremely superficial since they do not tend to go deep into things because at that moment something may have captured their imagination and simply dismiss the previous.

More Gemini Qualities are as under
The personality of the Gemini is characterized by convincing eloquence and sympathy, although they are also considered versatile and brilliant. These are some of the features of the Gemini that you may not know:

1- They are multitasking. Gemini can work on two different things at the same time. Although it is true that, due to their duality, they can leave unfinished tasks.

2- Open and curious. Their eloquence and sympathy make them ideal for performing tasks in which it is necessary to deal with the public. They are easy to surprise with everyday things and get to have fun with anything.

3- Business. They look for the necessary resources to carry out what they have proposed. They have the facility to learn tasks and also new languages.

4- They are romantic, but they fear firm commitment. They like to flirt and have friendship at the same time. In some way, they seek that duplicity that is the sign of their zodiac sign.

5- They speak and speak … They have the gift of speech. They can talk about anything, in any circumstance and nothing is more pleasant than a good conversation.

6- Curious and avid for knowledge. They take advantage of everything new they can learn and are often dazzled by its speed to capture information and its brilliance when it comes to transmitting it.

7- Adaptable and changing. It is a sign whose duality leads him from one change to another frequently, which leads him to suffer internal conflicts regularly.

Gemini hates conflicts and will go away if he sees that things are getting too hot.
Gemini is always one of those who try to avoid unnecessary dramas and conflicts that have no sense whatsoever. Gemini is more about going to your ball and bothering others as little as possible. For that reason, when he sees that something is starting to get too tense, he prefers to walk away and leave things as they are. He has more important things to do than to argue for nonsense. He prefers doing as if nothing, forgetting about that problem and moving on with his life.

Gemini wants to be a pacifist but he will not be silent if he does not like something.
Gemini tries not to have problems with anyone and to always go to your ball, but if you force him to do something he does not want or if you just take the opposite, he will not hesitate to tell you four things and put you in your place. Gemini tries to get along with everyone, but not everyone gets along well with Gemini. That’s when the problems arise. Gemini is not afraid to defend himself and can be very sharp with his words. It can hurt you if you mess with him/her or his people.

The mind of Gemini is constantly in operation.
Although it seems that Gemini lives in the world of fantasy, in reality, the mind of Gemini is working hard. He is constantly creating and contemplating all kinds of thoughts, ideas, and questions. Gemini is a curious being by nature and is curious about virtually everything around him. He finds it very difficult to focus his attention for too long on just one thing because he has so many other thoughts in his head. The mind of Gemini never stops, because when it stops, it is when it gets boring.

One thing does not take away the other and we are talking about a sign that loves to meet new people and someone who speaks with stones. There are times that he flirts even without realizing it because it is within his nature. Gemini likes to go from flower to flower, yes, when you are in a close relationship, you know how to respect your partner very much and you are faithful until the last moment. But when he’s in bachelorhood, he enjoys meeting people and being nice to everyone.

Gemini does not have patience with people who are too critical.
Too critical or too repetitive, let’s say that patience is not one of the greatest virtues of Gemini. It bothers her a lot to repeat things over and over again, but it bothers her more than they are critical. Gemini knows perfectly what it has and what it does not have, it does not need that there is someone who is constantly repeating it to him. Gemini is very bored with people who look like a broken record and who always have the same topic of conversation. Gemini does not support those people who only look at the negative.

Sometimes you may feel that it does not fit or that it is too weird.
Gemini can sometimes be too unpredictable and may feel that he is a weirdo. His mind is not like that of others, he asks himself questions that nobody else asks. Sometimes you can even surprise others by all those ideas that you have inside. Gemini is bored to be normal and therefore, he prefers to be different. Although it also has its inconveniences … There are times when you feel misunderstood, that nobody understands you, that nobody is even able to put yourself in their place. But he prefers to be like that, he prefers that nobody understands him before being the same as the rest of the herd.

Gemini can experience emotions too intense.
Everyone already knows that Gemini has a wide range of personalities. It is quite unpredictable due to that duality and because of that, your emotions can sometimes be very intense. With Gemini, there are only extremes, whites, and blacks. Your emotions are either very good or very bad. And that can sometimes exhaust emotionally. Although on the outside they look like people or emotional, inside Gemini have emotion for every occasion.

It can take a long time to commit, but when it does it is for real.
Gemini is quite reluctant to compromise because that means that he has to close his heart and that there are no more opportunities to fall in love. But if he is in love until the bars and sees that the relationship can have a good future, Gemini will not hesitate to commit. When Gemini decides to close his heart and focus on just one person, it is because he is very much in love.

Strengths and weaknesses
Strengths – People born with the Sun in Gemini are full of life, fast, adjustable and intelligent. Their wit and sense of humor help them to overcome any difficulty that life brings them, and the gift of communication is their main asset. They are fun and always open to making new friends, experiences, and adventures, the Gemini has a way of imposing their charisma on everyone around them doing things lightly and carelessly.

Weaknesses – The weakest point of the Gemini is their inconsistency. As an air sign with qualities of mutation, these individuals cannot stay in the same place for a long time and often discard people with whom they were close once they rationalize that this is the best decision. Superficial and unsympathetic, they seem distant and disinterested in earthly affairs or the problems of others. They need a healthy routine and enough changes and emotions to sink into stability and deeper feelings.

Positive Gemini traits
Intellectuals They are excited by intelligent learning and mental stimulation and are always on the lookout for new ideas and experiences.

With good humor Their great ingenuity is what makes them fun, they improve the overall quality of life of the people that surround them with their brilliant mind. They are spontaneous and good to entertain, these are people who always want to be with their friends.

Enthusiasts In every place and situation, always excited about the next steps they will take.

Negative Gemini traits
Inconsistent And often they are not aware of their inability to be reliable and to focus on one thing at the same time.

Impatient When their brave and spontaneous nature takes hold of them, reassuring them that anything or person that takes a lot of time is not worth it.

Anxious And to imagine this, try to convince a Gemini to breathe. When they are in an important project, they completely forget about their own physical and emotional needs. Emotion drives them, but this should not distance them from their internal state of peace.

Gemini In relationships
Each Gemini values their social circle widely and needs to have different friends for different shared activities and varied conversations in their lives. They will easily win our hearts with their childish approach to life and their incredible mind capable of creating a game of anything.

Over time, some of the most serious people will consider this a failure, presuming that they are not serious enough to sustain a lasting relationship. Fortunately, this is not something that worries the Gemini too much, with a divine awareness of the simplicity of life and new experiences and the people who will come to their lives when the time is right.

When they have enough interests and laughter in common with someone they find important and who understands their moods and personality changes, they will never want to let this person go.

As couples – Gemini cannot easily stay in the same place or with the same partner for too long. Intellectual stimuli are necessary for all the bonds that they form, and they will have difficulties finding sexual attraction with those who have good looks and not much to say.

For their relationships to be lasting, their central needs must be understood beyond what their multiple personalities show, and they have to feel motivated and adventurous with the people who accompany them. They have no reason to settle for less than what makes them happy, but they are often kept in unhealthy relationships by children since these become their top priority once they arrive in this world.

As parents – In the role of father or mother, a Gemini is as much a child as his children. They play, laugh and treat their children as friends, they are fun, liberal and reasonable parents. Their main problem when it comes to being parents is to form a stable intimate bond and it is not strange that a Gemini lives an adventurous life being negligent with the physical needs of their children at a certain point. This is something that they also do to themselves, but if they end up having a child that has an Earth element, a problem may arise. They are curious and open of all human differences, they become parents who can give space for a well-developed personality and who can be told what they think calmly.

As children – When they are children, small Gemini can be complicated to manage. With their incredible curiosity that is practically impossible to satisfy and their need for movement, even the most flexible parents go crazy chasing them and giving them the numerous explanations that do not seem to stay in their minds for long. They need a lot of practical attention and someone to follow them wherever they go during most of their childhood. To keep them safe, they need to be spoken calmly and you will see that your little Gemini will understand even the most complicated sentences when they are still too young to speak.

Love and intimacy
To truly flourish in their love life, the Gemini needs someone they can explore and discover day by day, with whom they can share interests and adventures at the same time. If they are going to stay with only one person in the long term, they need to be fascinated by their mind but they also need to be able to teach them something.

They need their freedom to be intact, as well as their sense of self because they often have problems discovering their center with others and this makes it more difficult for them.

When they fall in love, they approach their partners with vigor, humor and an attitude of entertainment, and expect to be loved with their differences and challenges. Their sex lives will be colorful with many words in between, from their perspective the previous sexual game is intellectual, not physical.

Gemini Characters
Innovative, creative and children, the Gemini are the ones who bring new ideas to teams and use communication as a tool to achieve any result they can imagine. Their minds are clear, they are rational and when motivated and supported properly, they are loyal to the work they do and their practical and financial benefits.

They need their environments to be open and liberal so that they can create their professional world, while still being part of a team. Using their social contacts can help them get far, as they flourish in the field of trade, research or exploration of any kind.

Good with words, Gemini tends to contemplate becoming writers or journalists somewhere along the way. If they are being properly supported, this is an area in which they can stand out.


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