The most fun programs that add webcam effects

Talking to someone by video conference is something we are all used to. Who would tell the veterans of the place that it would be possible to hear and see someone in real time no matter what corner of the world is found and at a cheaper cost than an international phone call.

Communication tools such as Skype are already very popular, and laptops all have their webcam or webcam and their built-in microphone for video calls with great picture and sound quality thanks to high-speed connections.

funny webcam effects

How to improve your video conferences? It is clear that in a video call you have little room for maneuver, but if you are talking to your friends or your family, you may want to do something original and fun, such as using webcam effects. There are many types and for all tastes and are the best way to break the silence.


To end this list, I propose to try CamMask, a webcam effects tool available for Windows and Mac and full of surprises.

Firstly, it is compatible with virtually any internal or external webcam and with most video calling and online tools (YouTube, Facebook etc.).

As for the effects, it offers backgrounds, animations, masks and animated elements to put on the screen. In addition, it allows you to exchange the faces of those who are talking by video call, something that has become popular with mobile apps like Snapchat or similar.

CamMask also allows recording a session, totally or partially, as well as drawing in real time. By default, it is free, but if you want to unlock all its functions you will have to do with the Pro version for payment.

Magic Camera

Another way to enrich your videoconferences is to use Magic Camera, compatible with your webcam (internal or external) or digital camera connected to your computer. It integrates with any Windows app with which you want to make videoconferences, including popular Skype, and among its effects highlights the possibility to disguise yourself with masks, hats, noses or virtual glasses, integrate fun animated gifs.

For the purposes that it brings by default, Magic Camera offers some more in its official page for you to download by your account.


Available for both Windows and Mac, ManyCam is one of the most up-to-date webcam effects apps that offers many functions besides the ones we are seeing in this article.

In ManyCam you will find sound effects to change your voice and have some laughs, video effects that integrate with Skype or YouTube in real time.

But with ManyCam you can also record video sessions, stream in real time and even use chroma technology or green background to add original backgrounds to your recorded videos or video calls.


We start with one of the most popular and veteran webcam effects programs. WebcamEffects is free, works with the latest versions of Windows and integrates well with Skype.

What will you find in WebcamEffects? Original backgrounds to pretend that you are on vacation, masks to disguise yourself, funny eyes, hats, stickers with which to decorate the video call around you, etc.


Another fun tool for spreading your videoconferences is WebcamMax. This time, this is a paid Windows program, although you can try it before deciding whether or not to go through the box.

Compatible with Skype, YouTube, Facebook and other streaming and video call services, WebcamMax is full of backgrounds, costumes, deforming your face, animated gifs and virtual stickers to fill the screen of things, etc.

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