Games to improve gross and fine motor skills of Children

Gross motor skills include complex motor movements such as jumping, hitting a ball, running or throwing objects. On the other hand, fine motor skills deals with skills such as picking up objects, trim figures or button buttons.

baby playing

Games to boost gross motor skills

The traditional hopscotch

A game for the exterior in which the floor is painted with chalk to draw a square on top of another square with the numbers from 1 to 10 inside, except for 4 and 5, as well as 7 and 8, which must be drawn In pairs of 2 squares.

The development of the game begins with the roll of a stone above the square 1. You can not step on the square where the stone falls. The child starts to jump the circuit to the lame paw (when there is a square) and two feet (if there are two squares). The objective is to jump to the 10 and continue back to the one. If the child leaves the tables or throws the stone out of the diagram, he must surrender.

Attention to the spoon

Define a path, for example, from one wall to another or from one end to the other of a hallway. Explain to the children that they should reach the goal with the arm extended and holding a spoon with the back of the hand. The biggest ones (from the age of 5-6) can do it on their hands and knees. Be careful, you drop the spoon.

Activities for better fine motor skills

Swivel coin

Here is a very simple game to perfect the children’s grasp: clean a coin and invite the child to spin it on the table with thumb and index finger.

Chinese shadows

You only need a lamp and a wall to teach your child to make shadows of animals: the dog, the bird, the rabbit, etc. Accompany him at all times so that the game is not cause for frustration. Perhaps, preparing a little play for the whole family will excite you. It is also a way of playing with darkness and light that can help overcome fears.


Another game that improves fine motor skills is the elaboration of necklaces, bracelets or even keyrings (give free rein to the imagination!), With accounts of all kinds. The larger the child, the smaller the beads, since passing them through the yarn will require more precision. It is important to carry out this activity always with them, because there is a risk of drowning if the bills are put in the mouth.

Benefits of working thick psychomotricity

By means of these types of exercises, we will strengthen the body of the children to prevent various affections and to work the musculature, with the aim that from small children can carry out activities of all kinds, like sport, dance or juggling, with total normality.

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