Gemini Daily Horoscope Today 2nd April 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today 2nd April 2018

The planetary change that is happening speeds up your reactions and helps you “put the batteries” to solve what you have to do, Gemini. Fix your emotional life.

Tell that person that you love her, do not keep waiting because life must be experienced every day without waiting so long for the future. A word of yours will serve to break the ice and attract love to you.gemini daily horoscope monday 2nd april 2018

There is also good news related to a payment or money that you had to give at this time and it has been delayed. Everything will flow in its moment, let yourself go and you will reach the goal.

Walk in your sentimental way with feet of lead as there is a cosmic tendency to abruptness and what you say now could cause incomprehension and problems in your love relationships.

Watch your words and speak with much more sensitivity, weighing and thinking what you say.

If you suffer from constipation or similar digestive problems try to consume more food with dietary fibers this Monday to help the evacuation of your intestines.

With good regularity, you will not have complications in your health. Many problems begin with the colon.

Follow your plans as you have been projecting them in these past days and you will succeed.

Do not be discouraged by the setbacks that may arise since they are the normal pitfalls when you change jobs. If it is your case you will see how well everything turns out in the next days.

Money and Luck
Analyze well the reactions of those who are proposing an important purchase.

If you notice them too anxious to sell their products and they start to coerce and intimidate you should suspect something strange in the matter.