Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 10th November 2017

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 10th November 2017

Mercury, your ruler, inaugurates a strong cycle in your intimate life by coupling with the energy of Venus and what you experience is new and intense. However, due to the positions in the horoscope, you should not launch into new adventures without being sure of what you really want, that is, you should raise your hand in your heart if you are looking for a passing emotion or something more serious.

Before acting, reflect and think carefully about what you are doing so as not to make avoidable mistakes. The aura that surrounds you is intense, passionate and sensual, Gemini.gemini daily horoscope of 10th november 2017


Gemini Love
Casual encounters are predicted in which you can meet again those who were important to you in the past, but avoid the company of a person that does not interest you. The dilemmas that will arise in front of you will amaze you, hence the need to act tactfully at all times so as not to commit indiscretions.

Gemini Health
Do not compromise your health by experimenting with medications that you are not used to and that could be dangerous if you start to suffer from discomforts associated with the bronchi and respiratory system in general. Get away from the places where you are smoking since your bronchi are now very sensitive.

Gemini Work
Do not worry if you are looking for a job and you do not get it because at this stage certain procedures are delayed a little more due to several planetary aspects that are creating somewhat confusing situations with your regent, Mercury, but soon you will have much more in your hands about you think. They will be considering you for a new position.

Gemini Money and Luck
You are Gemini, and as such you must act so that you take full advantage of the opportunities that are emerging. Do not be afraid of the change. Start up your optimism and confidence to renew energy in money. There will be obstacles, but you can overcome them with the energy and dynamism that characterize you.