Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 11th October 2019

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 11th October 2019

The blows that life gives us are usually a great teacher when they are used as lessons to learn, never as failures, Gemini. Remember that it does not matter to fall, the important thing is not to stay on the ground but to get up and move on.

This weekend you will understand many things, and you will know that what happened was the best and would suit you to help you better understand what you are experiencing. The key is to look at everything as experiences, lessons and never as failures. Many Gemini is taking concrete steps at a stage that will totally transform the rest of the last quarter of 2019 that we are now living.gemini daily horoscope 11th october 2019

The prevailing tone in your sign for the retrograde action of Venus in Scorpio, which is precisely where your regent Mercury now moves, tends to be somewhat exaggerated so extreme caution when clarifying sentimental situations with the loved one so as not to say hurtful words that you would later regret.

Pay more attention to what your body tells you and you will discover many ways to improve your health, find non-traditional alternative solutions for your discomforts, such as massages, aromatherapy, chiropractic, and other similar therapies that during this period are very well sponsored.

If you go shopping during these weekends you can find valuable offers associated with books, equipment, and instruments that will help you improve your work and increase your value as an employee, either if you now have a stable job or position or if you are heading for A new work address.

Money and Luck
The influence of current planetary traffic attracts good fortune to you. It is likely that today or this weekend you receive news of a friendship that you have not seen for a long time and that will come with interesting ideas that will help you earn more money in less time.
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