Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 23rd October 2020

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 23rd October 2020

The impact of your ruler Mercury, direct, this Friday in transit through the sign that began to rule since yesterday fills you with enthusiasm so as not to decline in anything you are doing. The doors of recognition and happiness are open to you. Today, Friday, you re-evaluate what may have happened in the recent past. After your last experiences, you feel free to make good decisions and your disposition is light-hearted and easy-going. Several factors coincide to help you finalize details and find paths that will lead you to the success you are looking for.

The luck you seek may be floating in the air, but you may not be able to see it now because your mind is too focused on only one thing. Do not get pigeonholed into just one way of thinking or proceeding. Maybe you miss something that is extremely obvious but that you are not able to see because you find yourself with all concentration on the result, instead of the process.gemini daily horoscope 23rd october 2020

Your affective landscape expands. Now you can choose and you will do well. In these moments of your life what you have in front of you is a whole sample of options in which there will be everything. If there were problems in your past relationship and now you find yourself living something different, there is good news for you because you have a special vibration in your aura that brings you closer to love, today Friday the energy of one prevails, the one that marks the beginnings. This aspect of Pluto promises you good times together. However, care must be taken not to provoke the jealousy of your spouse or partner, otherwise, the situation of your married life risks becoming intolerable. Single, undergoing the action of the planet Mercury, you will feel an overwhelming desire to found a home, to seek marriage or at least a stable union, and will lose the taste for pastimes or short-lived loves. But then it will be necessary to avoid a passivity which would be detrimental to you.

Events in the neighborhood will make your family members feel a bit tired. It could be something heavy – workers demolishing the street – or something trivial like bad weather. Whatever it is, there will be no choice but to put up with the inconvenience for a while. In the meantime, an impromptu party is sure to lift their spirits. That never fails! or the newly single natives, it is urgent to relearn how to seduce. New faces will do you a lot of good and heal your wounds. For others, why not try new activities? Cooking or enology could well offer you new flavors. Life as a couple sometimes has its constraints. For natives who live a long-distance relationship, daily life weighs down over the years. A questioning could prove to be beneficial. Are you really ready to change your life?

Make sure you are doing things the right way and are not influenced by the indications of improvised people who know nothing about medicine and may be compromising your health with strange drugs and toxic substances. The time has come to bring up certain issues; hiding them under the rug is of no use to you anymore. Emotions are strong and intense. Unfortunately, today you will have a hard time maintaining your usual cheerful and jovial personality. The universe reminds you that you have unfinished business for some time. The more questions you clarify today, the happier you will feel tomorrow.

You might encounter some small temporary difficulties but which will have significant repercussions in your daily life. The possibility of a small benign infection but about to upset your habits cannot be ruled out. Pay special attention to your digestive system which is susceptible to the harmful influence of Mars entering the 8th house. Avoid excess to limit the risks and take a little time to take care of yourself if you notice the appearance of the first symptoms. The stars will advise you to watch your fork stroke! Even if you are not completely convinced, diet plays a key role in maintaining good health. And, by overeating and drinking too much, you just might get into some trouble. Without becoming an ascetic, at least try to limit the amount of food, and reduce foods that are too fatty or too sweet. This will in no way prevent you from enjoying the pleasures of the table as a gourmet.

If you make a mistake, do not spend the day regretting it, but correct it and learn in the process. There is no problem in making a mistake, the difficulty is when one is not able to recognize his own mistakes and insists on being wrong. Your current situation suffocates you a bit today. You may have in mind to change jobs or profession. Beware of confidence! You risk having your best ideas scooped up by others who compete with you. Keep silent, because you can fathom everything except the silence of a man.

You may be considering packing your bags and moving to a more exotic location. Despite being great ideas, today is not the appropriate day to make permanent decisions or even to consider your options. Your state of mind will not let you act objectively. Wait a few days and reconsider the situation. Maybe you will change your mind.

Money and Luck
The planetary incidents that occur in your sign will help you face the economic changes that are now emerging in your life from a more positive and direct perspective. The money will arrive soon and you will fix that overdue debt. Recent events or information that you have received from afar may put your mind to work on revolutionary new ideas that you have never considered before. This may refer to career opportunities, new spiritual concepts, or changes in your way of life. However, don’t get carried away by enthusiasm. Consider the pros and cons and wait a few days before getting down to business. Gemini Luck Today

A pleasant surprise awaits you during a friendly moment with your work colleagues. “You shouldn’t mix work and friendship” as rumors say, yet lasting relationships are not always where you expect them to be. By judging too hastily or by sticking unnecessary labels, you could miss out on great encounters. Don’t close the door to opportunities to socialize with your coworkers, too categorical view of things could backfire on you in the end. In the financial field, take extra precautions against crooks of all kinds, who will seek to abuse your naivety. So, be careful not to entrust your money to those who promise to help you make a fortune overnight.

Family and Friends
After the few disappointments of the last few days, this new day promises to be much better thanks to the position of Mercury who is about to leave the house V. So take advantage of the good auspices of this day to indulge in your favorite hobbies, it will do you the greatest good. If you have the possibility, share your areas of interest with members of your family who could, to your astonishment.

Prove to be of great help in the realization of a future project. Problems concerning your desire for good neighborliness may arise. Your good will be severely tested. Keep your cool. Avoid verbal discussions or clarifications as much as possible, as you may get carried away and make the situation worse; try to settle disputes by the exchange of letters, which should be very courteous.

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