Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 24th August 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 24th August 2018

Your time of total renewal has arrived. You will notice signs of a positive transformation in your way of seeing life and the reality that surrounds you. Follow your internal impulses and your Geminian intuition that is now very accurate.

In these days that now you have in front of you, you solve a multitude of problems that before seemed unsolvable and you found solutions to embarrassing questions. Luck is on your side and there is money, love and health in your horoscope, the important thing is that you do not miss the opportunities.gemini daily horoscope friday 24th august 2018

Today Saturn will end that transit. You may have gotten up a little cranky. Watch out. Do not let that character spoil your affective relationship. Take a deep breath, enjoy the landscape, forget and love. What you do this day will change your love life.

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If something worries you about your health and you do not feel safe with the opinion of a doctor, look for another criterion. It is not the time to make resolutions of operations or delicate treatments based only on a diagnosis.

Your sense of renewal and fluidity coupled with your logical mind will be what today will help you avoid complications and future gossip in your workplace. Do not make comments with murmuring people and full of personal problems and mistrust.

Money and Luck
Act with caution when using your credit cards. The money that is coming to your life will grow a lot if you invest it in a reasonable way and you do not start spending it in an obsession of impulse buying nothing productive, Gemini.