Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 26th October 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 26th October 2018

The influence you are receiving from the lunar transit through the earth element, this Friday, will help you see clearly the best economic options that you have in front of you. The dissonant aspect of Uranus in the Sun, somewhat blocks the objective reasoning. Communication is difficult enough for everyone. Be careful not to appear brittle without even wanting to. You could be accused of excessive authority. Maybe it would be wiser to let go of the ballast and see what happens.

You can invest your resources in a very intelligent way because now your intuition goes hand in hand with your Gemini common sense and you manage to advance resolutely to your economic goals. Your life is enriched by new influential friendships and your income will soon increase. Likewise, in love, you will know what is best for you and you will not hesitate to express it to that person that interests you.

The psychic sensitivity that surrounds your horoscope on this day will allow you to find solutions to the present sentimental problems. With a good dose of understanding and tolerance you can leave behind the setbacks. The natives of the sign undergo the opposition Sun / Uranus. As a couple, it is possible that the atmosphere is slightly electric … Look for your similarities, rather than your differences. You can focus on common hobbies, this will fully satisfy you and avoid friction. Singles: There may be something that annoys you already in a person you’ve met lately. If so, it’s better to turn your heels now than to hope for the impossible.

You will improve in your chronic ailments especially if they are associated with the respiratory or digestive tracts. If you are now in good health, do not spoil it by committing the mistakes that on other occasions have caused you problems. If energy is not lacking in this solar aspect, it will however channel it at best so you do not exhaust your reserves quickly. To better manage your energy and boost your dynamism, avoid being sedentary. If you feel sullen, make sure to relax and free yourself, with the method that suits you personally.

You will be somewhat undecided and do not know if you should continue in the current job or change position. It is not an appropriate day to make such a decision but rather to think it, study it and consider it from different angles and perspectives. A conflict may darken your workday. Indeed, the solar opposition with Uranus often augurs quarrels and bad mood in teams or collaborations. Before you explode and make your apron, maybe you should isolate yourself to calm yourself down. Focus on your tasks and avoid controversy.

Money and Luck
A complex situation has a happy solution and you finally receive your money on time. The setbacks suffered before solving this economic problem will serve as an experience so as not to incur the same mistakes again. Under this Uranus / Sun opposition, an unexpected expense could upset or delay your projects, and temporarily destabilize your financial accounts. It will probably find a compromise, ask for advice or suspend / postpone a refund. You have some ways to get into negotiations, but do not steer if things are not going exactly as you wish.

By Mary Emma

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