Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 4th January 2019

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 4th January 2019

The news is good, Gemini. The planetary influences of today will help you to strengthen your will to leave something that does not suit you, it can be a bad habit of health, a friendship that is not worth it or a relationship that you have recently started and it is bringing you problems.

The meetings of social or labor content are extremely well sponsored.gemini daily horoscope today friday 4th january 2019

In these moments the energetic wave that is enveloping you also touches you sentimentally and love happens at first sight in less thoughtful places. However, do not confuse love with emotion since they are two different things and you must have everything clear before committing yourself seriously.

If you feel discomfort in the body, check the feet because in those organs there may be the answer you are looking for. An adequate support in the footwear, the elimination of callosities and a suitable treatment in the nails will do you much good. Make an appointment with your podiatrist.

New paths emerge in your work horizon and maybe you should change jobs or move elsewhere. If so, do not worry because changes are always positive and favorable if you know how to make the most of them. A very exciting work stage is predicted.

Money and Luck
In a few days you will be receiving encouraging news related to a pending money that was in the hands of lawyers and litigants associated with a major purchase. It will arrive at the opportune moment, when you need it most. Do not be impressed by those who have more than you and try to overwhelm you with ostentation and boasting.

By Mary Emma

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