Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 4th May 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Friday 4th May 2018

The transit of the Moon by the sign of Virgo that shares with you the same ruler, the planet Mercury, attracts love and passion to your life, but tends to make you very hasty wanting to solve everything right away. Be careful with what you promise particularly if it is about sentimental issues, the appointments you should go to, the obligations and responsibilities that you have contracted.

Your Gemini sign is now in the middle of a true existential vortex in which you will have the opportunity to live new experiences. Remember that in the experimentation lies the growth, do not close yourself to the possibilities, everything has its cause and its effect.gemini daily horoscope friday 4th may 2018

Get ready for the so-called sentimental surprises, Gemini. That elusive person that interests you so much comes back to your side and those differences between the two are solved.

If everything goes well then why complicate life with suspicion and fear? In another order of things, you will feel flattered to check the feelings and emotions that inspire in others, your charisma and personality are attractive.

Be careful with improvisations as some people think they may be prescribing medications without being authorized to do so. The way you solve those issues will make the difference between health and illness.

During this Friday the labor negotiations will give results, so do not feel discouraged when what you want does not happen right away. Little by little the water will recover its level within your work, even if you have been unemployed or fearing some type of dismissal or similar situation.

Money and Luck
Before signing documents that may endanger your economy, analyze very well what you are going to do, do not get carried away by charlatans or charlatans who promise what they cannot fulfill.