Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 11th February 2019

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 11th February 2019

There is good news for you because with your renewed, fresh and cheerful attitude you will charge your internal batteries and you will be able to solve your personal problems. This is the time of unplanned encounters in which significant people appear in your life.

The most interesting thing is that you will realize the importance of living every day of one as the best thing is not to hold any grudge or suspicion because those attitudes do not help you. Those who approach you to speak ill of third parties or constantly complain about “how unfair life is” or how “everyone envies me” fill you with a negative charge that hurts you. Get away from that kind of people.gemini daily horoscope today monay 11th february 2019


It is very likely that you will find a person you have not seen in a long time, in a public place or a party of friends. This meeting can mark the beginning of a romance or something more serious.


Take care of all the different aspects of your health and do not get out of balance by paying too much attention to one another’s preference. For example, eat a lot and do not exercise, sleep little and work too much or sleep a lot and feed poorly. Balance is imperative.


Do not take too seriously the observations of improvised workers who want to get into everything, and do not know their trade well. Listen, but finally adopt the appropriate decisions based on your experience and intuition.

Money and Luck

A period of solutions begins that will help you to get out of an economic situation in an effective way. You may receive very encouraging news associated with a lawsuit, inheritance or pending legal process.

Gemini Today 11th February

Love energy level this Monday: medium to high.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of an unexpected visit that will revive past emotions in you.
Today’s dangerous trend in your Gemini sign: letting go of an opportunity for sentimental adjustment.
What should I avoid ?: intransigence and resentment.

Gemini Couple Life Today 11th February

The best relationship today: this Monday your air sign is very well supported in your relationships with other signs of your element such as Aquarius and Libra, also there are good waves with Sagittarius that is fire.
The tensest relationship: Avoid discussions with someone from the earth element such as Virgo or Taurus.
Your current compatibility: very good in general with the signs of your element and fire, also with Scorpion, even if it is water, and with Cancer.
If you are single or single: you will feel loved and that will increase your self-esteem.

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