Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st July 2019

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st July 2019

Due to the lunar transit on this Monday you are in a tone of doubt so proceed cautiously in a business and do not throw yourself at anything strange for which you do not feel sufficiently prepared. However, do not let these vacillations prevent you from moving forward, what the universe expects of you, is precaution, not inaction.

In love the situation is more stable than in the past. A Monday meeting with an interesting person helps you understand certain things and broaden your vision of the world and life.gemini daily horoscope today monday 1st july 2019

You will be making important decisions in your love life. Maybe you have been worried about an issue that is not worth it, or you feel isolated or sad who does not belong to you. In this second semester of the year you will notice how everything changes in your favor because you put your will to work and with it activated you achieve sentimental wonders, Gemini.

You continue to receive a good influence that will help you overcome certain minor health problems that may arise during this season, such as those associated with the flu, the cold or the bronchi.

During the course of these first days of the second semester of the year you will receive a pleasant news that is related to a job proposal that has been half stuck or paralyzed during these previous periods. It is a day of hope, possibilities and joy in that sense, Gemini.

Money and Luck
In front of you there will be options that will give you money and which you should not refuse but analyze, study them and then act. Investigate the advantages that they offer you and if everything is presented as it suits you, take it and maintain a discipline.