Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st October 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st October 2018

There are many projects that attract your attention this Monday, and the best news is that they will be successful. However, you could be doing different things from the early hours of the morning which could take you away from your goals and dilute your energy.

Do not lose your mental concentration in useless conversations over the telephone or the Internet and dedicate yourself to take advantage of your day to give you, at work, your social life and the quality of time you give to yours, particularly to that person who he loves you so much.

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A well-known person is somewhat strange, and this surprises you. Analyze their reactions, maybe it is a frustrated lover, someone who sees you with different eyes and who does not dare to formulate their feelings because of rejection.

If you are going to change medications do not do it on your own, consult your doctor because health is not a matter of gambling and today, unfortunately, there is a lot of absurd and negative advertising that announces products of very low quality.

There are too many eyes and ears attentive to what you are doing and talking so be careful in your work because if you let yourself be carried away by prejudices and you comment something negative about a boss or a partner with someone who is a gossip, you would be involved in a mess.

Money and Luck
There’s money in your horoscope, Gemini! Fate will place you in one of those moments when a hunch can inspire you to take a step that increases your money as a result of a happy coincidence. It’s your night to explore something different in a fair game of chance.