Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 20th August 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 20th August 2018

If there are children in your house and you feel out of control you must arm yourself with patience because there is a wave of excitement around you that extends to everyone. Channel these impulses in a constructive way and cooperate with them doing something that helps everyone to improve the house, and to return harmony and happiness to the home.

It’s a good day for physical exercises and to plan with someone who is romantically interested in a fun adventure. As the eclipse approaches you will feel more anxious, as if waiting for something you do not know exactly what it is.gemini daily horoscope monday 20th august 2018

Faced with an unexpected emotional circumstance, you must act with maturity and not let yourself be carried away by revanchist feelings or personal revenge. If someone betrayed your love or your friendship do not spend a minute thinking about that. You are very dynamic and have a very flexible mind.

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You are in a much more realistic position with regard to your health so do not worry unnecessarily about some of those minor symptoms that you are experiencing and you create anxiety. Your body will recover very soon.

On this Monday, labor aspects that have worried you are happily concluded. Difficult legal situations are resolved and if you were waiting for some important paper or document to start a new job, now news comes.

Money and Luck
Money is being projected into your life in the form of a marriage or advantageous partnership. Do not feel bad if your partner has more resources and people think you are joining them for economic reasons. That is nobody’s business.