Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 24th September 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 24th September 2018

Intuition is strengthened and you will achieve surprising results from this planetary cycle. The day will be full of potential. Your youthful and refreshing personality will be the factor that will attract love and happiness by your side.

There is a promising encounter on the way that will change the dynamics of your inner world and place you on the path of economic and labor consolidation, what you have been waiting for for some time is about to materialize.

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You will be encouraged to confess your feelings to that person who loads in the thought day and night, but who had not yet decided to open your heart to him, now you will do it and the answer will be satisfactory.

There is a favorable environmental effluvium in your health that revitalizes your body and helps strengthen you if you are currently suffering from a disorder in the eyes, or in the skin. You are in a moment of clear cellular recovery, you should take advantage of it.

Today, Monday, if you have to work, you can turn a tension situation into something creative. Your charisma will help you to be that leading person that will increase efficiency and productivity in your work. Your colleagues and bosses will recognize it. If you are still going through a work problem, that is unemployment or a similar situation, I have good news for you since the next month of October will come with excellent news.

Money and Luck
Concentrate on your economic projects, one by one, to achieve them and give you the expected result. If you do many things at the same time you will end the day exhausted. Use this Monday in a positive way by putting order in your affairs.