Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 27th May 2019

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 27th May 2019

Your faculty of concentration is in a very high tone because the energy that comes from the transit of the planet Mercury by the earth element, together with the influence of Jupiter and Saturn – both retrograde – create a rainbow of possibilities of all kinds. Although you have had personal problems with your partner you can solve them because love, and sincerity, everything is achieved.

The main thing is to maintain a mental attitude ready for reconciliation and tolerance, forgetting what bothers and forgiveness because the rest will fall by its own weight. You will receive an assignment or responsibility that will keep you very busy in these coming days.gemini daily horoscope today monday 27th may 2019

The cosmic effluvium that emerges from the transit of Mercury, together with other astral aspects, helps you to better understand what it means to define a situation before continuing to feed false hopes. In this birthday cycle you will be amazed by the changes of sentimental scenarios that will happen quickly one after the other.

Your Gemini sign is characterized by being very intelligent and with a lot of mental and adaptive flexibility, so put those good qualities into work in your daily life so that you adequately profile yourself in what you are doing every day to maintain your health.

Important changes are coming in your work landscape, especially when the second stage of your birthday cycle begins next June. Prepare for them. There will be solutions to issues that bothered you and kept you tied to old circumstances that are now shaping up in a positive way in your life.

Money and Luck
This Monday is ideal to carry out your plans and put your investments to work with originality and talent. What you project in this stage will give results so cheer, do not be discouraged by a small setback, everything will turn out as it should be.

By Mary Emma

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