Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 2nd July 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 2nd July 2018

This is a stage of great Gemini creativity. Possibly face a situation out of the ordinary and perhaps your partner or a good friend will respond in a way that confuses you completely. Perhaps certain comments or rumors that may cause you destabilization, suspicion, fear of being deceived or deceived by that person in whom you have deposited your trust may reach your ears.

Before taking an intransigent position and causing more problems in a relationship, try to dialogue, communicate and resolve differences cordially. There is nothing better than talking with your heart in your hand, with sincerity and frankness to arrive at an arrangement in everything.gemini daily horoscope monday 2nd july 2018

Get ready for unexpected reactions from friends or lovers on this Monday because unfortunately some of them will not understand your intentions well and you should arm yourself with patience to explain them well. Fortunately, you, as a Gemini, possess the talent of good communication, especially now with your regent, Mercury, direct.

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If you suffer from circulatory problems, especially in the legs or thighs, you will see a considerable improvement on this day due to the position of your regent Mercury in transit. Do not change a medication on your own, follow instructions.

Were there work problems? Misunderstandings are clarified and everything returns to normal, in a manner satisfactory to you and with better conditions. Finally, you will leave a legal mess associated with your work and you will obtain the adequate compensation.

Money and Luck
It is very possible that you are considering investing in a family business. It is not a bad idea and if you have the resources to put it to work do not think about it anymore because you are at a favorable moment. If you have put your money in motion there is good news.