Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 31st December 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 31st December 2018

The energy that comes from the moon transit in your Geminian sign helps you maintain emotional control in the midst of any circumstance. Something that happened with your partner begins to resolve, do not fear anything.

Those around you are encouraged and happy, something truly great at this end of the year in which reconciliations are predicted and indicate the proximity of times of fun and spontaneity in your intimate reality. Remember that you are entering your new year of life, very promising.gemini daily horoscope today monday 31st december 2018

If you have been lamenting to be alone, or alone, your horizon changes, your whole life is wrapped with an enthusiastic tone that will allow you to better understand what happens in your environment. The Gemini experience and enthusiasm will be your allies at all times and you will recover something that you thought you had lost. 2019 is presented with a new, refreshing and positive tone in your daily panorama.

There are no difficulties in your horoscope associated with your health, but there is the possibility of carelessness so if you are going to drive a vehicle, put your attention on the road and do not deviate, much less drink alcoholic beverages before putting your hands behind the wheel.

There are very favorable astral combinations in your work area, so do not worry about a comment that reaches your ears or a rumor of dismissal or conflicting situations in your company. In the coming days of the coming year there will be a substantial change in the dynamics of your Gemini sign in that sense.

Money and Luck
Is a payment or money you expected delayed? Do not be discouraged if something gets complicated legally because it is part of the process and soon everything will be solved. The first week of the year 2019 there will be very encouraging surprises in that sense and what seemed difficult or complex ceases to be.

By Mary Emma

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