Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th August 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th August 2018

Today Monday there is a tone of harmony in your horoscope that goes beyond family reunions or casual encounters, it is a kind of “encounter with yourself”.

Trust more in your sixth sense, your perception of the inexplicable reality that helps you to understand where is what you really need and to separate from your life what causes you impediments and hindrances to ascend. You, as a Gemini, are very agile, intelligent, and quick in your answers, which will help you to solve expeditiously what others have a hard time-solving.gemini daily horoscope monday 6th august 2018

The questions of the heart and love are essential in life and when you are living a relationship you should cultivate it with sweetness and care, with delicacy and tenderness. Are those gestures that change your projection to reality and bring happiness to you, do not forget, Geminian.

It is time to listen more to the voice of your body and eat when you are hungry and not because of commitment. Following the rules is good, but it is even better to attend to the physiological needs of your body and fulfill them well because the biological clock does not lie.

Try every means to leave your worries of the day in your work. Do not take home your homework because then you would be living exclusively for your job and that is not right. The same in reverse, every situation is different has its own energy, Gemini.

Money and Luck
Someone who approaches you with an interesting idea can contribute a lot to your economic improvement, possibly traveling within a few days and signing some important paper for your money matters. This second semester of the year will be very productive.

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