Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th May 2019

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 6th May 2019

This will be a beginning of weeks in which many novel situations will occur. Pleasant news arrives with the return to your life of an absent love. Open your eyes to the signals you are receiving around you, Gemini, because where you think least is waiting for passion and the beginning of a new romance.

Ignore those details that have troubled you so much in the past because if you put yourself to consider the insignificant issues instead of looking at the whole big picture you would be committing serious errors of judgment.gemini daily horoscope today monday 6th may 2019

You have learned from your past experiences. Now is not the time to recriminate or to account for errors but to live intensely your present, your reality of this moment that is where love and passion vibrate. Put away the sad thoughts and you will be happier.

Your throat requires special attention in this current cycle. If you sing, do not expose yourself to the elements. Take care of it without exaggerations, likewise if you smoke, and you intend to give up that habit, you are at a favorable moment to try it.

If you hear rumors of changes in your work do not be overwhelmed because now your horoscope is receiving good influences and there is no reason to worry unnecessarily. Rest today because this weekend there will be good news.

Money and Luck Today
Do not venture into a business for which you are not prepared since if you want to cover a lot you will decentralize and lose sight of your main goals. Do not dilute your energy and you will achieve the economic success so desired for you and to which you are a creditor.

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