Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th May 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 7th May 2018

The true big people of heart and life, in general, are simple, humble in their attitude – humility does not mean being poor, there are many poor people who are arrogant and are not humble and many rich who are simple and modest, humble in their dealings with the rest.

Some people who have confused one thing with the other will want to impress you with material goods, money and position. Before embarking yourself sentimentally with someone like that look at what he does, not what he says, and then you can make good decisions.gemini daily horoscope monday 7th may 2018

The direct influence of your ruler, the planet Mercury, continues to envelop you with an aura of attraction that facilitates the conquest of love. Soon you will be living an exciting adventure that will change your way of seeing life extraordinarily.

You are receiving a healing wave that revitalizes your body and helps you recover from health problems associated with skin disorders, burns, fractures or similar situations. The planetary vitality envelops you today. If you work today, take good care of what you do to avoid workplace accidents.

Apply all your strength of will and end with indecisions because it is the only way to finish what you have proposed to do. Unavoidable setbacks may arise, but with your good disposition, energy and presence of mind, you will be able to resolve them. Tomorrow Monday you will have a very hectic day, be prepared now to undertake it with all your energy.

Money and Luck
A sudden hunch, an inexplicable impulse arisen from your Internal Being will place you in a very advantageous situation in which you will be able to receive a money associated with an important purchase or sale. Wait a bit and you will achieve results. If you have something saved do not waste it, you will need it in a few weeks when it starts to govern your birthday cycle.

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