Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 20th October 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 20th October 2018

You are on the threshold of a short trip and a reconciliation or consolidation of your love relationship. A dear friend has a serious problem and will ask for your help. Do not compromise too much if it is a mess of infidelity with your partner. Do not talk more about the account. You receive an extra money that you must save because you are in a spending tone.

Wait a bit before launching into new projects and above all do not let yourself be carried away by false impressions or appearances. You are starting a very productive cycle in your economic life and soon you will make a qualitative leap in your work life. Today is a good day to think about moving house. If you have been feeling that it was time to move, today you could receive some good information about a house or a new apartment. Even if you decide to stay in the same place, you may think to incorporate some new energy. Maybe you should bring a dog or cat to brighten the place.

You conquer step by step the heart of a special person who has noticed you for a long time, but too timid to confess it. If you notice her feelings, help her break the ice and start the relationship. What life is bringing you is intense, and beautiful, Gemini. You may lose yourself today in books, magazine articles and journals to find ways to advance your current projects. You could call people you know have the information you need and engage in fascinating conversations with them. The result could be new plans and ideas, not to mention contacts. Record your information in the agenda, and then take a break to relax and enjoy the day.

Do not waste your money on products that you do not know guided by the opinions of those who do not know medicine well and are acting like doctors without being doctors. Use your fine sensitivity for health and hygiene issues this day. You will be with the high smoke for having achieved a desired goal, you will feel enthusiastic, energetic and happy. It is also likely that you think about the future, you will formulate ideas for other projects and discuss them with friends. At this time group activities will also be beneficial, you will get in touch with people who may end up near you. At night: go see a beautiful movie! A suspense will come fantastic!

Increase your concentration, care and dedication. Do not leave things to chance. Make sure you are following the rules of work safety. Impatience could cause errors at work, accidents, falls, and equipment breakdowns. You can feel inspired to give a passionate speech. Maybe you share your point of view about a political or social cause. You may feel a pleasant sense of liberation when you turn your opinions around. Or you can talk about something that needs to be improved in the workplace. Your persuasive energy and contagious passion will put others on your side. Do not drown those emotions!

Money and Luck
Although your desires are to immediately begin to see profits and the result of your investments, you should be cautious and not launch immediately to new economic companies until you are sure of the soundness of those businesses. Group activities and social relationships will be very pleasant today. You will like to see old friends and make new ones, especially since there is so much good news and information to communicate. Maybe someone wants to talk to you about business and money. You will feel very sociable and people will enjoy your company as much as you.