Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 24th October 2020

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 24th October 2020

The conjunction of your ruler Mercury, direct, with Venus during this New Moon weekend continues to envelop your loquacious and fun sign with an agile and intelligent wave. Everything tends to be revolutionized in your sentimental and personal, Gemini horizon. You will face who you do not want to see in your life, a memory of the past that you had already forgotten. Fortunately, you can overcome any emotional situation with your willpower. You are taking concrete steps that will place you in an advantageous situation in front of others, even within the sentimental and work plane.

If you are in love, you will be fascinated today. You could plan just about anything, from a getaway with your crush to a lifetime full of children and grandchildren. Although prudence sometimes limits your spontaneity, let yourself be surprised by the unexpected? The future will smile at you after the discouragement of recent times.gemini daily horoscope 24th october 2020

In this astral cycle of October that you are living do not worry, the past is not going to hit you again because you have learned your lessons. What is happening in your horoscope with the direct transit of your ruler Mercury through the water element is shocking, positive, creative in love. “If there is no solution, then there is no problem.” A native of the second decan, it is a bit like your current philosophy. You stubbornly refuse to see difficulties settle in your relationship, preferring to take refuge in a risky ostrich policy. Watch out, this nonchalant attitude infuriates your partner. Single, you show little interest in romantic encounters, immediately prioritizing your happy group of friends.

When it comes to romance, you have a sweet and tender nature, but today you may be behaving uniquely and unusually. Your partner will be positively surprised and will tell you something that you have never heard before. Your funny and insinuating attitude will make your girlfriend fall on her back and they could examine the limits of the love of each one

Your health is well supported, although due to certain planetary positions of Jupiter you could be somewhat anxious in the morning hours and worry about things that you cannot solve, which would have a negative effect if you do not remove them. This is a good day to open your mind to inspiration. You will feel a spiritual feeling in you. Perhaps the angelic energy wants to appear to stimulate you. You will feel a tremendous sense of connection with a Higher Power or positive force. Let this energy bathe you with its healing rays. Your mood will improve and your mind will be cleared of obstacles. The solutions will appear in front of you.

The small health problems that you might have had in the last few days and the general state of fatigue you felt already seem like a distant memory. And for good reason, the appearance of Mars in your Sky brings you the necessary to overcome any obstacle with vitality and combativeness. How to conserve this energy? Live! Maybe not at full speed, just to save a little fuel for the future, but 80 is not bad!

The astral aspects that are occurring in your work sector will greatly influence the result of your work because you will have to move, move around and explore new places where you can carry out your trade or profession. You are very well sponsored with the sextiles of the Moon and Pluto.

It is time to think about some kind of evolution in your career if you haven’t already done something. No more excuses. It would be great if you took advantage of your university studies that cost you so much effort, or all that it cost you to prepare for the job market. The ideal job is out there waiting for you, all you have to do is know how to search. Be very vigilant, because the opportunity may be knocking on your door.

Money and Luck
A revealing dream or a letter that reaches your hands puts you on the trail of a discovery that can give you money. Perhaps it is a long-lost item or an old item that has recently acquired great value. Chance is conducive to a fair game and you are very inspired by sweepstakes, contests, and raffles.

Due to the planetary energies, your energy will be through the roof. But it is not a reason for you to be intimidated! Others will be in such a state of mind that they will have no qualms about speaking their minds, however cruel it may seem. But you will find out valuable information. Don’t be surprised if you discover someone’s dirty laundry. With your good judgment, you will have no problem determining what information is reliable and what information is not.

Are you in love? You are a real head of linnet, permanently in the clouds. Deconcentrated, you forget appointments, meetings, conference calls, while displaying a disconcerting good mood. You see life on the bright side and give others a perpetual smile. Of course, you are a charming and completely recreational colleague, but this “Menalque” side could ultimately inspire a little distrust in others. The best advice you can take is to buy a planner and line your desks with post-it notes!

Family and Friends
Now is a good time for you to open your arms to a little novelty. That after-work drink to which you always answer “next time”, or that restaurant that caught your eye some time ago, don’t put it off until later. You may lose the opportunity to appreciate them. If an opportunity presents itself to step out of your comfort zone, and at the same time out of your routine, take it. And if that means braving the tribulations of public transport, it is not expensive to pay.

Mercury will help you establish a good dialogue with your loved ones. Your children will be in superb shape, and their arousal curiosity will enchant you. Some are natives of the third decan may, on the contrary, experience difficulties of understanding or misunderstandings; but don’t worry, everything will be back to normal quickly.

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