Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 26th December 2020

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 26th December 2020

At this time of the solstice, you are taking concrete steps within a cycle of prosperity and learning. Something that worried you about your relationship becomes clear and you receive support. A very happy stage is coming in your horoscope, Gemini. There are trips on the way. Do not worry about anything unexpected that may happen because everything will be reversed positively since it is your attitude that will make the difference. Very soon you will begin to consider the possibility of a home-based or self-employed business. It is not a bad idea, but you must study it better so that there are no untied ends and you can put it to work in this new year 2021 that is approaching by leaps and bounds.

Today your communication skills will be strong. You have always been good with words, but today you will be a star! You’ll discover that the right words are there whenever you need them and that they flow easily from your mouth. Whether you are trying to make a sale or impress someone you are romantically interested in, you will go a long way today.gemini daily horoscope 26th december 2020

Whoever you thought least says that word you expected. You will have the opportunity to sentimentally warm something that was in danger of cooling down and in doing so you will discover new forms of intensity and passion.

You may need to cancel plans to meet up with friends or your partner as you have to attend to unexpected responsibilities. This will be annoying, especially since you will disappoint others, but they are things that happen. Don’t feel bad – it won’t have a lasting effect on any of your relationships. Fulfill your obligations and schedule some fun time for later. They will forgive you.

“Running away from happiness for fear that it will run away” is a refrain that perfectly matches your state of mind at the time. Ascendant Capricorn, you may even make your threat come true. Everything is going too well – you are not used to this – you would rather leave than risk suffering. Open up to each other! His reassuring words will convince you that this time you have nothing to fear. Don’t be overwhelmed by the fear of a bis repetita.

Don’t let yourself fall, Gemini. If you feel somewhat unwell, make up your mind to make up lost ground. Even if you are not dedicating all the necessary time to your physical development, a little exercise is better than nothing.

Finally, all your efforts will be recognized. This does not mean that you can lean back in an easy chair and rest on your laurels – quite the contrary! Now is the time to put your original ideas to the test. But this time you have the backing of your superiors. Do not get nervous; just do what you planned to do. If you work hard, you will likely receive great professional and financial rewards.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the doctor, it might be time to take a little check-up. You are under the malevolent influence of Pluto and could find yourself in the grip of heightened sensitivity which could lead you to hypochondriac tendencies. Do not indulge in an outpouring of unhealthy feelings that could harm your morale and do not hesitate to reassure yourself if necessary by going to your general practitioner who will be understanding towards your situation.

Continue acting as you go and you will see your dreams crystallized. The most important thing is perseverance and flexibility, and in your case, fortunately, in this final period of 2020, you have the capacity and optimism necessary to apply them. Those who are unemployed will vibrate in a positive tone that will help them get the job they are looking for.

You may have had vivid and wonderful dreams during the night that left you disappointed that they were not real. They had a message for you: write them down, put them aside, and discuss them later. Today you are very perceptive, as well as imaginative. It’s a great day to start some kind of art project that you’ve had forgotten about for some time. Enjoy the day!

Money and Luck
Your economy opens up to new possibilities, but you must put down the improvisational attitude that often accompanies you since if you blindly trust a business that is not consolidated, you could compromise your economy. Gemini Luck Today

Today you will be drawn to the past. Maybe you go through some objects in your house. You will find albums with old photos or diaries. Suddenly, your mind will be transported to the old days. You will think about all the adventures you have had and how certain experiences shaped your character. It is good to realize these questions to see how far you have come.

A meeting with a Pisces prompts you to wonder about your professional orientation. You feel cramped in your current job and have more creative desires. Your future may well be in the arts. You are good at conveying your emotions and it seems like you can’t contain this creative flow. You still lack the self-confidence to launch yourself body and soul into this new challenge, but the influence of Neptune will be decisive in helping you leap.

Family and Friends
An open mind to a few concessions will be your best friend. The atmosphere at home has seen better days and you are between a rock and a hard place. The little comforts that you think you can not do without will give you beyond your expectations in the presence of your loved ones. Know how to appreciate the real treasures of family life and don’t fall for instant gratification. All the pleasures that are worth coveting are obtained with patience.

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