Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 27th July 2019

This is the weekend of the longest eclipse of the year and of making important decisions in your love life, Gemini, so don’t waste time, but watch out! Mercury is retrograde and not everything that glitters is gold, do not get carried away by appearances.

Important changes occur within your work reality that can cause some discomfort or temporary interference. The circumstances that disturb you will soon be completely overcome. Chance gives you a pleasant surprise and the possibility of receiving a gift unexpectedly.

This is not the time for sadness, particularly if you are taking the first steps in a new relationship or solidifying your sentimental ties with someone you love. The tonic that must prevail during this period that begins now with the longest lunar eclipse of the year is to live the present.

It is very favored at the moment except if you suffer from respiratory conditions in which case you could have some allergic complications. Also, watch your blood sugar level especially if you are diabetic.

Are you worried about a recent transfer in your work or the promotion of a new responsibility in your company? You have the ability to face the challenges, rely on your previous knowledge and experience.

Money and Luck
This is the time for important discoveries, including late payments that arrive at the best time. A finding of an item that you no longer use will represent money in a major sale or auction, you can also put it on sale on the Internet.


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