Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 3rd August 2019

The time you have to live with your family does it with quality. When you are with the loved one, do not waste it by telling someone else’s life, entering into details that do not matter, and overwhelming your partner with complaints and regrets. Voices of reconciliation and sentimental arrangements are heard, others will come out well of their loving disagreements.

A happy Saturday. However, while your ruler Mercury is retrograde you must choose your words very well so as not to hurt who you love or not to say what is not truly influenced by a negative wave in your environment.

This is the weekend of unexpected encounters, both in the love life and in your relationships with friends and acquaintances. If you have a partner, you will be strengthened, if you are looking for a company, social life offers you perspectives. You will see how the cosmic influences that are now in your sign are not the negative that you could have assumed.

You will experience a great improvement in your chronic ailments and a general revitalization throughout your body in this astral cycle. Take advantage of this good planetary wave to do physical exercises, compete or simply enjoy the gifts of health.

Lean on your intuitions and the hunch you have this day before deciding on a new job or occupation that could represent more money but at the same time many responsibilities and complications in your usual pace of life. Emotional decisions are not the best.

Money and Luck
Take precautions so that money does not escape from your hands because you have a tendency to want to buy things impulsively and this can lead you to incur debts and acquire expensive and impractical objects. Be guided by your common sense and do not act crazy.

The horoscope and tarot of today Saturday, August 3, 2019, bring with it the good news of happiness and fulfillment for the natives of Gemini.

Showing the arcane “The World”, it indicates that you can finally stop, relax and enjoy all that you have achieved so far with your hard work and your effort.

Talk about the deserved reward, the result of investing time and effort. It is time to stop looking and fight so much to start valuing small things and everything achieved no matter how small.

No one can say that you are not the owner of your happiness and you have not achieved what you have proposed.

Gemini is one of the signs that you do not forget because its dark side, it’s more negative half prevents it.

You can forgive, not even bring back to the present something that happened in the past, but you will always have in your mind what happened at that time and how it made you feel.

No matter how minor the accident was, or regardless of who had the problem.

The situation worsens if it was a betrayal or a move by someone dear. Although independent and very strong, it is quite easy to hurt a Gemini, especially the people to whom he has given that power.

However, as a general rule, the Geminians are above all that and keep what they feel for themselves.

My Gemini partner has not forgotten his ex
Do not be alarmed, it is not that your Gemini partner has not forgotten his ex, they simply like to remember and do not forget everyone who has been special in their life.

No matter how much time passes, they will look back and affectionately remember their ex-partner, their old friends or even their teenage romances, even though there was never a formal relationship with them.

It greatly values the people who go through their lives, with whom they imply or mark a before and after.

For the rest, you can be calm, when Gemini says no to a person in the love field, that refusal is maintained and will not back down even if it hurts or repents.

The only special thing that has the way in which Gemini lives the ruptures, is that everything is saved for himself.

Almost no one knows that it is cooked inside, because of what is happening or suffering.

Not to worry anyone around him, Gemini tends to hide his pain and his problems.

It may seem that he is always happy, that he does not take things seriously or that, even with problems, he is always joking, but it is only a facade.

An attitude used to overcome and not let you down. Not everyone understands how Gemini acts or how to interpret their states and that is precisely why they believe that their way of coping with ruptures is different and special.


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