Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 5th May 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 5th May 2018

You are doing many things that you did not even dream before, but you do not feel out of place but rather you like and attract. Due to the current planetary transit and the movement of your ruler, Mercury, direct, in combination with the Moon in a sign that shares that same planet, you are very receptive, but above all with a large dose of romance and passion that comes to your skin at all times.

It is time to refine your list of false friends, some of whom we deal with due to social circumstances or another type of relationship – neighbors, work colleagues – but it separates the physical attraction you may feel towards someone who is with you. feeling of love.gemini daily horoscope saturday 5th may 2018

What happened is already something eliminated in your life and if you now start to remember conflicting situations already overcome you would be causing many setbacks to your personal life and bringing back to your current relationship a sad past. Live today !, with the Gemini freshness that characterizes you because life goes on at this moment, not yesterday or tomorrow.

As you solve your existential problems you will feel much better health. This day is ideal to go to a gym, do some aerobic activity and if near your house there is a place where yoga is done, register now. Movement is the key to health.

There are good waves in your field so take advantage of them as this is the cycle of appropriate determinations and resolutions. Soon you will be in charge of a section, department or shift that will increase your prestige.

Money and Luck
Maybe you should wait a bit before investing in a business that seems very good, but which does not have much legal clarity or adequate financial solvency. Do not give yourself the first step, observe how the events unfold around you and then act prudently.