Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Saturday 9th July 2022

The Sun conjunct Moon transit is a powerful mix of the two strongest bodies in astrology. Today this transit will make you very focused and motivated to complete your goals and fulfill your high life expectations. Clear mind and enough energy to finish or start any project. The Moon sextile transit to Uranus brings stimulating personal encounters and exciting events. You will feel more open to change in your life and will be able to actively seek it. This is a good time to try something new in your daily routine or in your personal life.

With the North Node in the 9th house you need to get a real education and find the real meaning of various ideas. You need to get a personal spiritual picture of the world through long spiritual journeys, studies and pilgrimages. You need to develop confidence in your opinions and move from simple truths to higher knowledge and ethical values. Today you are very focused on the ethical, ideological and philosophical behavior of your partner and if they are not compatible with your ideals it is difficult for you to continue with the relationship. You usually choose your partners to be pleasant, promising and honest.

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Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

An unexpected gain could change your budget projections. The situation calls for reflection. Meetings with friends or family would help you to recharge your batteries psychically in a good way and to drive away stress gently. It is with dynamism and enthusiasm that you opt for a winning mentality. You don’t wait for someone to boost you up to take matters into your own hands. You spend yourself in constructive action, success is almost yours, today, take advantage of it. It is by advancing at your own pace but in a certain way that you see the sun begin to shine on your finances after which your temperament, loving material comforts, will naturally turn towards business. If you have children, you will be very attentive to their education, even if it means questioning your ready-made ideas in this area.

Libra in your 5th house is not very passionate, you can express love for the person you love with a walk outside the house, visits to museums, or perhaps enjoying a good art film at the cinema. And if your partner shares a taste for culture, you will be happy.

Nothing serious today. The situation becomes clearer and gives way to a more assertive bond, to a more precise awareness of what you expect from the romantic bond. This state of mind makes you attractive and endearing. It will be rather the routine, but a generally pleasant routine to live with. In any case, you clearly prefer stable situations to cascading upheavals. With this Moon phase, hardened singles will appear as an endangered species! You will meet someone today and you will immediately give up your dear freedom!

Today, with the passage of Scorpio through your 6th house, you may be taking your health to the limit and you have not realized it. Because during the day you work until long hours at night and then you go to the party. You must be more aware of your body and listen to the signals it is sending you so as not to regret it later.

You are active and energetic enough to indulge in multiple activities and why not sign up for a sport to let off steam. Do new trend sports like outdoor zumba, Pilates gym, water bike, appeal to you? So, get started without moderation!

Your health sector will be influenced not only by Uranus but also by Mercury, two planets as electric and restless as each other. Translation: you will be very fit, but also very nervous. Not only will you not hold still, but some of you will fall downright into feverishness or impatience. First hit? Your sleep, which is likely to be restless.

Today you cling to your goals and you will not rest until you see them materialized, Scorpio in your 6th house gives you determination and the ability to transform any reality. You like to do things your way and start from scratch to make them work. Managing an intern or helping someone learn new skills is a way for you to feel empowered. Your pedagogical skills are not negligible, you appreciate the fact of being able to transmit.

You can’t take it anymore! You are tired of suffering from the heavy constraints and the explosive atmosphere of your work! However, do not consider handing in your resignation or requesting a transfer, as the risks are too great due to the inhibiting influence of Jupiter. It will take patience and resignation while waiting for an improvement. Be sure to maintain excellent relations with your colleagues from now on, which will contribute to a happy unblocking of the situation.

Money and Luck
It is possible that you feel very oriented to your objectives and the achievement of your goals to ensure sufficient economic gains that can give you the financial level for which you always fight. Do not worry about the future and relax a bit, since Cancer in your 2nd house causes you a lot of anguish due to poverty.

Live in the present and enjoy what you have. Your finances are bouncing back like you never imagined and this gives you plenty to grind to convince potential funders to support you in a project that motivates you. The results will meet your expectations.

Uranus in this aspect will invite you to be cautious in commercial transactions, purchases or sales, because we will try to lay traps for you. It will also help you win an important business or get the upper hand over some of your competitors or rivals by instilling lucidity and composure. But all this will not save you struggles and endless negotiations.

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