Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 10th November 2019

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 10th November 2019

Your realism will prevent you from going astray in senseless chimeras that swirl around you. You give yourself too much and this tiredness could play you tricks! Take the time to relax.

You combine the good points this day where, combining wisdom, moderation inspiration, and idealism, you should then be able to push your pawns in the right direction, that of your aspirations!gemini daily horoscope 10th november 2019

Thanks to the euphoric influence of the planet Neptune, your critical spirit will be neutralized, and you will seek more to underline the qualities of your partner than to blame him for his faults. This will help strengthen your bonds of complicity. The sexual agreement will also be at the rendezvous. Single, your love climate will not include shadows or clouds during this day, which is a nice prospect. New encounters will be placed under the sign of flirtation, kindness, friendship.

The shadow of your old relationship is always threatening your present. Worse, it prevents you from rebuilding yourself. You are struggling to open yourself to new sentimental perspectives. As a result, maintaining contact with the person responsible for this mental torture remains incongruous. By drawing a line, you mourn the accumulated suffering. Finally far from you, plans of rebirth will gradually germinate in your secret garden. So that they go beyond the limits of your imagination and materialize, let them hatch in full sun.

Whether you are looking for competition or not, you will be bound to participate or suffer. If you have always favored individual work, now think of teaming up.

Challenges will be possible today to correct the blame for mistakes made in your financial sector. Appointments, discussions will be very useful, listen well what will be said, luck will go through your receptivity.

This astral environment will remind you that your bloated diet will eventually end up making you gain weight, even if you have no predisposition to fatten. Avoid prolonged overeating.

Side health, if you have a few pounds to lose and you plan to start a diet, it should be done in suitable conditions. Do not rush. With a little organization, you will have reached your ideal weight before the summer. For example, winter is to be avoided, a sudden change of diet during low temperatures may affect your metabolism. Similarly, if you are in a busy period, you will need all the energy reserves that your diet provides you.

Money and Luck
This position of Mercury will earn you a certain amount of luck in financial terms. This will be the time to take initiatives: you will be well inspired and make the right choices. Gemini Luck Today

The atmosphere at your workplace is in good shape but could deteriorate quickly if you work directly with Aquarius or Sagittarius. Indeed, this aspect of Mars makes any agreement impossible with these signs, which could plunge you into an ego war unpleasant for everyone. If your job and status allow you to do so, avoid interacting with them today. This discord aside, the day looks rather calm and rewarding.

Family and Friends
It will be difficult for you to forget your outside troubles once you have returned home, and you will tend to be a bit of a headache. However, Mars will strive to make things right for you, and when your loved ones least expect it, you will become open and warm again.

When it comes to communication, you refuse any form of aggression. Unlike your parents, you refuse to shout and privilege dialogue. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not enough. The Sun is your sign today and gives you some kindness. While remaining faithful to your principles of never traumatizing the other for anything, the star gives you keys to assert your legitimacy and to respect your will. You finally find the best technique to suit you.

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