Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 16th September 2018

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 16th September 2018

The Moon is in the sign of Leo, which is the fire element and is approaching the new moon that will occur on the 20th. Maybe leave a person who no longer interests you or start dating another. Do not continue postponing any more loving decision.

What you have to do is going around in your head and as long as you do not solve it you will not be able to be calm. At the same time, your intellectual faculties are on the rise. If you have the idea of studying something related to your work, career or profession, follow your intuition because it will be the best you can do.gemini daily horoscope today sunday 16th september 2018

This is not a day to unnecessarily complicate your life with indecision but to act and live intensely your love relationship since the perspectives you have in your horoscope are very positive.

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Take a good amount of natural juices and fresh water. Try to eliminate as much as possible the sodas and drinks with artificial ingredients. Many annoying symptoms will disappear with this detoxification that will cleanse your organism.

Do everything on time and avoid last minute rains since this Sunday is a busy day. It is also highly positive for you if you are unemployed or looking for additional income because good news comes to you.

Money and Luck
The planetary combinations of this Sunday stimulate your imagination and will help you find opportunities in places where you can put your money to work effectively and increase your income considerably.