Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 28th July 2019

This Sunday is very important for you, Gemini since you are still under the effluvium of the longest eclipse of the sign and the recent entry of your regent, Mercury, in retrograde transit. You have been a little restless due to situations beyond your control that have caused you delays in your plans or perhaps you have proposed to do something that you could not crystallize for reasons beyond your control.

Quiet, Gemini, now you begin a period that attracts fortune and love accentuated by the influence of the Moon and cosmic perspectives so favorable that they are accentuating your intuition. You will understand better what are the intentions and motivations of those at your side.

It is a day of profound transformations and some natives of your Gemini sign are considering moving to live with their partner, it is not a bad idea. A character scan will help you determine well what suits you and what hurts you, but remember that your ruler is retrograde so avoid emotional, very impulsive actions.

Take things as they are and do not worry in an exaggerated way about what is difficult to solve because you would jeopardize your health and emotional stability. Combine your daily activities with exercise, adequate food and mental rest and you will see how well everything goes.

You start to take into account certain very significant aspects of your personality that will help you improve your current position, and if you don’t have a job, get it. Those around you realize your positive qualities and in a short time, you will be where you should have been for some time on your own merits.

Money and Luck
The social obligations that you are contracting will make you incur extra expenses, but it will be better this way because they will result in benefits that will allow you to ascend in your company or in the place where you are working, as well as in your business if you dedicate yourself to an activity from your home.


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