Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 16th December 2021

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 16th December 2021

Check Gemini daily horoscope for Thursday, December 16th, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. It’s time to become Zen again today, and to drive away from this unfortunate tendency to jealousy and lust! You need to find a certain serenity if you want to evolve in your relationships with others. Let go of those mental burdens that keep you from moving forward, and you can be proud of yourself. Courage, it is not by carrying a weight on the shoulder of the size of a world map that you will go faster!

Gemini, look for your friends because relationships will benefit you, some contacts may be interested in a business for you. Contact with aesthetics. You will solve a legal situation related to an older woman. Slow project with obstacles to overcome. Willingness to give and to receive. You are inclined to exercise more.

Listen more to the dictates of your heart. Great benefits with signing a document. Focus your energies on work. Propensity to muscle aches. Don’t burden your loved ones with your regrets. You can pull your savings with peace of mind. You are a successful person and will consolidate your job position. Problems falling asleep is something temporary.gemini daily horoscope 16th december 2021

If you’ve been thinking about a garden, this is a great day to start, as anything about the land that you start today is sure to thrive. Doubts about your financial security may be spinning in your mind. Surely these doubts are misdirected since you will continue to do well. However, your doubts can serve as an inspiration and thus continue your situation.

You will have the opportunity to understand in-depth certain motivations of those around you which until then were obscure. Your way of spontaneously becoming smooth, express what you feel. You will have to make an important decision quickly. You can trust your analytical skills. In addition, it is with a smile and great finesse that you will react and present your arguments.

You can be proud of your attitude! You have many assets to broaden your horizons and progress: you are endowed with an indisputable flair and the discreet but effective support of your other half. Target your effects and sharpen your arguments to stand up in case of a dispute.

You may have the feeling that a situation, sentimental or professional, rests entirely on your shoulders and that if you take your attention away for a minute, everything will fall apart … Avoid carrying too much of a burden. Being overweight will make you nervous and susceptible. You have easy criticism of others, but today, it is undoubtedly your attitude that should be criticized!

Make the most of the social energies that are presented today. Especially you, you will feel at home in any social event, showing off your charms and ease of communication with strangers. The ideal day to meet someone new. A person of the opposite gender will be very attracted to you. It’s your time to flirt as much as you want.

You claim to seek love and yet seem to do everything to avoid it, using all possible stratagems to escape the shackles of the couple. Neptune’s turbulence deceives you in your expectations and you delude yourself. Emotionally unstable, above all you need a little solitude, carefreeness, and lightness. As such, meeting a whimsical Sagittarius could fill you with joy. You don’t seem ready for true love, despite your protests.

You might discover a new way to organize your work. Your creativity will intensify and your mind will be teeming with ideas today. Try to capture some of these brilliant reflections! Take note of your main concepts. Or record your ideas on a dictaphone. You might be on the trail of a new system that would allow you to manage your money and business much better.

Today the administrative paperwork will be a real drag, but someone close to you will show you a way to do it quickly and efficiently with a computer, or with another technological innovation. You will surely find that you like doing it this way. Your mind will be especially sharp, therefore it is the day to expand your intellectual horizons along with your technical skills. Do it!

The distant Neptune is approaching your sign, as seldom before. His dark face makes you spend your money recklessly which makes you angry with those close to you. In addition to your impulse purchases, you decide to make a large donation to an association that works for a cause that is close to your heart. This selfless action will do you the greatest good. Only there you go, now you will have to tighten your belt a little until next month. Was the game worth the candle?

Family and Friends
When we give life, we finally understand its meaning. Indeed, the desire to protect his child remains uncontrollable and above all immortal. We probably better understand the reasons for disputes with our parents. Armed with these revelations, you will be able to put your cards on the table with your own. Not in a mean way, but by acknowledging your flaws at the time. Everyone will put their little star grain in the big bowl of forgiveness so that this never happens again.

Money and Luck
It is the perfect day to show your gratitude to those who love you. Give them a good hug and let them know how much you care about them. If things were to be gloomy, you will be the one to pull others out of this rough patch. You have no reason to grieve yourself when life gives you so many opportunities to be happy and to bring happiness around you.

You can receive the good news that will give a very positive turn to your financial situation. You could soon receive a raise, bonus, gift, or severance, or discover an unexpected ability to earn money or both. Whatever it is, today you will focus on financial matters. Enjoy the situation!

Today sees you are very concerned about your earnings and what to do with your financial life. You probably want to boost your income, either by asking for an increase or by multiplying your sources of income. No question of letting you steal a deal, the sky grants you warlike energy that allows you to move mountains and collect some successes! Stay tuned and ready to pounce on any opportunity, even unexpectedly.

What do you want, it is not always easy to live in a community with others! So don’t be surprised if you experience some disappointments sometimes, especially at the family level. You ask too much of your loved ones and can’t stand mediocrity. Your thirst for the ideal cannot be satisfied with concessions. This regularly generates crises which ultimately end up giving you the feeling that you are unlivable. React!

Today you will be like the cobra that comes out of the charmer’s basket; you will be able to sneak around, but also to entertain. Jokes will happen and others will have a lot of fun with your sense of humor. It shines without qualms. Conflict may arise during the day, but don’t make a big deal out of it or make a mountain out of a molehill.

The day promises to be for the best today thanks to the proximity of Saturn in your Heaven. The star gives you the benefit of its benefactor aura and you might feel invigorated. You may feel the need to take care of yourself and listen to your body. The natives of the first decan, who are subject to the dying influence of Pluto, must nevertheless be careful not to overdo it and not to overestimate their strength under the pain of being forced into a forced rest.

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